Diversity at Willamette

“Not unto ourselves alone are we born.” Willamette’s motto comes from a work by Cicero, one of the ancient world’s great thinkers, but it’s still relevant today. Among other things, the motto encapsulates our belief that we must work to leave the world a better place.

Prioritizing equity, diversity and inclusion isn’t optional — it’s a necessity. At Willamette, we are working to create the resources diverse students need through staff support and student organizations. We are building programs that reflect the wide-ranging interests of our faculty and students, and that challenge our community to think about how historical and current social structures work or fail to make college the “great equalizer” that we imagine it to be.

Please explore our some of our resources below, and if you have any questions, contact us.

— Jade Aguilar, vice president for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion 

Admission Programs

Access to Excellence

Willamette is proud to host Access to Excellence, a program that enables admitted students of color and admitted first-generation college students to visit campus. A specialized facet of the larger admitted student Bearcat Day events in the spring, Access to Excellence provides travel support to participating students, and begins with a luncheon of faculty and staff who are first-generation and/or people of color.  

Access to Excellence dates for Spring 2020 are forthcoming.

Contact the undergraduate Office of Admission for program details by emailing bearcat@willamette.edu

Scholarship Opportunities

Campus Resources

Local Resources