Apply: First-Year (Freshman) Students

We are delighted that you plan to apply!

Steps to complete your application:

1. Common Application
Willamette is a Common Application exclusive institution. We use the Common Application because it collects a broad range of academic and extracurricular activity of potential Bearcats and simplifies the process for our applicants.

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2. Official High School Transcript
Counselors submit official transcripts through the Common Application. Your senior grades must be submitted as soon as they are available. To ensure adequate academic preparation for success in Willamette’s rigorous curriculum, we recommend the following pattern of secondary school coursework:

  • Four years of English
  • Four years of mathematics (including algebra, geometry and trigonometry)
  • Four years of social science coursework
  • Three to four years of lab-based science coursework
  • Three to four years of a foreign language

3. School Report Form and Counselor Recommendation
Counselors may submit School Report Forms and Recommendations through the Common Application.

4. SAT or ACT scores - optional
Willamette offers test-optional admission, but if you do decide to report your standardized test scores then you must submit your official score report(s). Please note that students attending secondary schools that print SAT and/or ACT scores on official transcripts do not need to submit score reports from either testing agency. 

If you take the SAT and/or ACT more than once, the Admission Committee will review your highest scores from each section, resulting in what is widely known as a superscore. 

5. Teacher Evaluation - optional
Letter(s) of recommendation may be submitted by your teachers (preferably English, math, science or history) through the Common Application.

Once all of your credentials are received, the Admission Committee will review your application for admission.

Need help along the way? Contact us at 503-370-6303 or