International Students

We welcome the diversity and richness that international students bring to the campus community and we encourage applications from well-qualified citizens of other countries.

The application process is designed to help the Admission Committee identify students who demonstrate the greatest likelihood of benefiting from and contributing to the academic community and campus life. We are selective in admission which means that we are not able to admit all of the qualified students who apply to us.

Application for admission to Willamette University is made through the Admission Office. Interested students may also review the services of our Office of International Education who coordinate international student services on campus and study abroad.

We look forward to getting to know you through the application process!

Steps to complete your application:

1. Common Application

Willamette is a Common Application only institution. We use the Common Application because it collects a rich trove of academic and extracurricular information on potential Bearcats and makes the process as easy as possible for our applicants.

2. Records of Secondary and Post-Secondary Academic Work

Official copies of all records of secondary and post-secondary academic work. Please see detailed instructions in the box to the right.

3. School Report Form and Counselor Recommendation

Counselors may submit School Report Forms and Recommendations through the Common Application.

4. SAT I or ACT  Scores

Willamette offers test-optional admission. If you choose not to submit SAT or ACT test scores as an international applicant, you are required to schedule an interview with a member of our admission staff. If you decide to include a standardized test score, please send your official scores from either the SAT I or the ACT. 

5. Teacher Evaluation

A letter of recommendation should be sent from one of your teachers (English, math, science or history). This letter should be written on your high school's letterhead, and should include your full legal name.

6. Official Language Test Score

If your native language is not English, Willamette University requires you to submit scores from one of the following tests. Scores can be sent directly from the testing agency to the university.

7. Passport Photo Identification Page

You must include a copy of the photo identification page of your passport as required by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

8. Financial Guarantee Statement

This statement must be completed in conjunction with supporting documentation of financial resources.  Applicants must demonstrate that they and their family can cover the total cost of the first year of attendance.  

Mailed documents may be received at the following address:

Willamette University
CLA Admission Office
900 State Street
Salem, OR 97301

+1-503-375-5363 fax

Once all of your credentials are received, the Admission Committee will review your application.

Need help along the way? Contact us at +1-503-370-6303 or

If you are considering deferring your admission or taking a gap year please click here.