Meet Our Ambassadors

The Willamette Ambassadors lead campus tours and staff our office — you may meet some of them when you visit campus!

  • Image of Brian Ixtlahuac '20

    Brian Ixtlahuac '20

    Spanish, Politics, Policy, Law, and Ethics; Los Angeles, CA

    Transfer student
    Favorite Bistro Treat:
     Chocolate Cookie

  • Image of Caitlin Forbes '20

    Caitlin Forbes '20

    English, Psychology; Castro Valley, CA

    Fun Fact: I've watched The Office all the way through over 3 times.

  • Image of Cameron Taggesell '21

    Cameron Taggesell '21

    Physics; Sonoma, CA

    Fun fact: I have an irrational fear of chickens.

  • Image of Claire Mathews-Lingen '21

    Claire Mathews-Lingen '21

    Politics; St. Paul, MN

    Fun fact: I had pet rats: Buzzle, Funny, Charcoal, and Sweetiepie.

  • Image of Daniel Fang '21

    Daniel Fang '21

    Economics and Japanese; Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

    Fun fact: I can play multiple instruments with varying degrees of skill.

  • Image of Eden Wenokur '20

    Eden Wenokur '20

    Civic Communication and Media, Spanish; Seattle, WA

    Favorite Bistro Treat: Nothing beats the chocolate chip cookies as big as your face.

  • Image of Forrest Deters '20

    Forrest Deters '20

    Mathematics; Dallas, OR

    Fun fact: I've recorded an album in the same studio as Macklemore, Nirvana, and the Spice Girls

  • Image of Jack Hanscom '22

    Jack Hanscom '22

    Civic Communication and Media; Kent, WA

    Fun fact: 

    My mom went to Willamette!

  • Image of James Kalama '21

    James Kalama '21

    Undeclared; Fairbanks, AK

    Fun fact: I befriended a moose and would feed it pumpkins.  Yes.  In Alaska.

  • Image of Katie Bick '20

    Katie Bick '20

    English and Civic Communication & Media; Beaverton, OR

    Fun fact: I once got a concussion while coloring.

  • Image of Madison Jones '22

    Madison Jones '22

    Biology, Psychology; Fredericksburg, VA

    Fun Fact: 

    I played Field Hockey for five years.

  • Image of McKenna Musket '21

    McKenna Musket '21

    Civic Communication and Media; Brentwood, CA

    Fun fact: 

    I'm currently an intern for the Portland Trail Blazers.

  • Image of Phoebe Marcus-Porter '20

    Phoebe Marcus-Porter '20

    Physics; Fort Collins, CO

    Favorite Bistro Treat: Buzz Bar

  • Image of Riley Burton '20

    Riley Burton '20

    Economics; Seattle, WA

    Fun fact: I was kicked out of the Lourve in middle school.

  • Image of Risa Shutz '21

    Risa Shutz '21

    Exercise and Health Science; Redmond, WA

    Fun Fact: 

    I love knitting and listening to podcasts.

  • Image of Rose Linville '20

    Rose Linville '20

    Environmental Science; Driggs, ID

    Fun fact: I once had to get stitches for an injury caused by only a broom and rug.

  • Image of Rowan Barton '22

    Rowan Barton '22

    Undeclared; Los Angeles, CA

    Fun Fact: 

    I once got tennis elbow from playing Guitar Hero.

  • Image of Vanessa Sanders '22

    Vanessa Sanders '22

    Undeclared; Portland, OR

    Fun fact: I once puked in the Vatican.  My family now likes to joke that I was possessed