Your Admission Counselor

  • Mary Randers

    Mary Randers

    Interim Dean of Admission
    Office: 503-370-6627
    Territories: New England, Texas (Greater Dallas/Fort Worth and Greater Houston)

About your Admission Counselor

Pronouns: she/her

Favorite Things About Willamette:

I love the academic hearth tradition here at Willamette. Each academic department has its own area for students to collaborate with one another and with faculty. I believe some of the most engaging learning experiences in college happen outside of the classroom, and Willamette's hearths help define an actual space for that to happen.

Favorite College Memory:

My favorite professor had a habit of almost always responding to our questions with, "Where do you think you could find the answer to that?" Since this was before wifi and smartphones, it could be so frustrating to not get an instant answer. It helped instill a sense of empowerment, and made me own my learning experience. At the end of the day, what I learned stuck with me because I had to work for it. That skill and love for figuring things out has helped me so much throughout my life both professionally and personally.  

You Wouldn't Know It, But:

My first pet was a chicken named Roxanne.

Advice About the Admission Process:

For those in the process of applying, ask someone who doesn't know you as well to read your essay for feedback. The admission teams that will be reading your application won't know you as well as your family, friends, or favorite teacher may. This kind of feedback can help you craft the story you want admission offices to learn about you.  

Also, approach the process with a "why not?" attitude. Being willing to try something new or uncomfortable is a great way to discover new interests, make new connections, and open doors to awesome opportunities.