Requirements for the Asian Studies Major (12 Credits)

One credit from the following entry courses (1)

Four credits from the following language courses (4)

Note: A student may petition Asian Studies faculty for alternate language arrangements to fulfill this requirement. Proposed arrangements might include transfer courses, testing, Asian experience, or other arrangements.

Three credits from the following exploratory courses (3)

  • ARTH 113 Introduction to Chinese Art History (1)
  • ARTH 114 Introduction to Japanese Art HIstory (1)
  • ASIA 258 Topics in Asian Studies (1)
  • ASIA 352 Field Study in Asia (1)
  • CHNSE 254 Folklore and Identity (1)
  • CHNSE 352 Rites of Passage in Chinese Societies (1)
  • HIST 131W Historical Inquiry (if Asian topic) (1)
  • HIST 233 Asian Empires on the Silk Road (1)
  • HIST 265 Late Imperial China (1)
  • HIST 282 China in Revolution, 1911-1949 (1)
  • JAPN 201W Modern Japanese Society & Culture (1)
  • REL 233W Religions along the Silk Road (1)
  • REL 239 Introduction to Chinese Religion (1)
  • REL 256 Goddesses and Ghosts: Images of Women in Chinese Tradition (1)
  • REL 262 Japanese Religions (1)
  • RHET 271 Telling the Internment Story (1)

Three credits from the following 300 and 400 level courses (3)

One Senior Experience credit (1)

  • ASIA 499W Senior Seminar in Asian Studies (1)

Courses for possible substitution when Asian content warrants, subject to approval by Asian Studies faculty

Requirements for the Asian Studies Minor (5 Credits)

Five credits are required for the Asian Studies minor. Credits to be earned abroad should be approved by the Asian Studies faculty before the foreign study program begins.

One credit from the following entry courses (1)

  • ASIA 201 Gateway to East Asian Studies (1)
  • HIST 118 East Asian Civilization Since 1800 (1)
  • REL 135 Religions of Asia (1)

Four courses from the following list, two of which must be 300 or 400 level courses (4)

Note: Where scheduling difficulties resulting from participation in an overseas study program may arise, some course substitutions, including independent study courses, may be allowed, subject to faculty approval. For advising or information, contact one of the program faculty.

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