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PHYS 396W Advanced Techniques in Experimental Physics (1)

This course focuses on the methods of conducting research in experimental physics. Important research skills covered are literature searches, experiment design and theory, laboratory techniques, and communication of research through oral presentations and written material. The integration of basic physics concepts learned in pervious courses is emphasized. The first part of the course focuses on electronics, computer data acquisition, use of advanced equipment and data analysis. The second part of the course focuses on completing several advanced experiments, which are related to current research in the department. The final part of the course focuses on the proposing and designing an independent project. A laboratory (PHYS 396Y) is associated with this course. Note that this course will typically be taught in two three-hour blocks per week.

  • General Education Requirement Fulfillment: Writing-centered; Natural Sciences
  • Prerequisite: PHYS 223
  • Offering: Spring
  • Instructor: Altman, Kleinert

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