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Civic Communication and Media

Program Offered: Major, Minor

Civic Communication and Media (CCM) examines communication practices and technologies that foster engagement in civic life. Informed by theories and histories of public discourse, our courses are designed to develop thinkers who understand the dynamics of communication and who can apply their insights to contemporary problems and creating their own media.

CCM students have the opportunity to explore how people communicate—from speeches to Snapchat—to address issues, to construct identity and community, and to effect change. Through instruction from award-winning faculty, independent research, and experiential learning, students learn to analyze rhetoric and communicate effectively in order to address contemporary issues in creative and tangible ways.

In their coursework, CCM students write scholarly research papers, make zines, design print materials, and produce videos and podcasts. Students also have the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge to make their own media in our department's production studios. Ringe Lab and Studio I give students access to industry standard technology for digital design and podcast production. These spaces, designed by and for students, allow for creative engagement with course material and provide resources for independent projects and portfolios.

With an emphasis on civic engagement, learning also extends beyond the classroom. Our department maximizes its location in Ford Hall, right across the street from the Oregon State Capitol and the Oregon State Supreme Court. Students have opportunities to actively participate in state government, intern at communication and technology firms, and to design persuasive campaigns for local organizations. With their experiences both in and out of the classroom, CCM alumni can go on to graduate programs and careers in marketing, technology research and design, public policy, law, education, non-profit leadership, business management, and countless other fields.

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