La Chispa

La Chispa de Salem/The Salem Spark

La Chispa de Salem, or the Salem Spark, seeks to increase environmental justice awareness and conversations at Willamette University, while collaborating with diverse partners in Salem and in the larger Willamette Valley. This student-led, multidisciplinary effort is committed to uncovering and uprooting environmental racism, addressing the inequities of environmental privilege, and advocating for environmental, climate, and energy justice. Guided by Willamette University undergraduates, La Chispa seeks to enact communication praxis, including by developing workshops with Willamette Academy students and coordinating a weekly radio segment on KMUZ community radio called "Worldviews Wednesday." This program seeks to amplify perspectives and experiences that often are marginalized in dominant sustainability discourses and yet are essential for creating a just, equitable, and livable community. For more info, visit: