Program Information

Japanese Studies Major

The Japanese Studies major is an interdisciplinary major combining language study with cultural studies. Students majoring in Japanese Studies are required to take courses in Japanese language at all levels and courses on the history, literature, art, religion and culture of Japan. Majors students are strongly recommended to study abroad in Japan for one or two semesters through the Japan Study Program (JSP) at our sister university, Tokyo International University, Kawagoe, Japan. The majors are also encouraged to take advantage of the opportunities fro language and cultural exchange offered by Tokyo International University of America (TIUA) on our campus.

The Japanese Studies major is structured to include: (1) a broad introduction to East Asian civilization (one credit); (2) the study of Japanese language through the fourth year (four credits); (3) courses on Japanese literature, culture and history (three credits); (4) an elective concentration consisting of courses on history, religion, art and culture of Japan and/or China (three credits); and 5) a Senior Year Experience (one credit) involving a writing project which will integrate and consolidate knowledge and understanding of Japan which the student has gained through the program's course of studies. Credits from study in Japan will be transferred upon faculty approval.

A variety of career opportunities are available to students who graduate with a strong grounding in the study of Japanese. These include the JET program, foreign service, international trade, graduate study, and teaching of English as a second language.