Programs Offered: Major, Minor

What is justice? What is the best way to live? How are mind and body related? How are our beliefs connected to the world? Willamette’s philosophy program explores these and other foundational questions.

Our faculty members have a wide range of interests, including existentialism, philosophy of mind, feminist philosophy, theories of knowledge, logic, philosophy of art, political philosophy, and philosophy of language. Their expertise is reflected in our curriculum, which encourages students to explore all of those areas rigorously, insightfully, and imaginatively, developing superior critical-thinking skills as they go.

Given the benefits of a philosophy major, it's not surprising that our majors enjoy diverse career options after graduation. To give just a few examples, our recent alumni include a State Department diplomat, medical doctors, the communications director for a national political organization, business owners, attorneys, professors, tech professionals, a reporter for National Public Radio, and an Oregon Supreme Court justice. This is just a small sample of the varied careers our majors now pursue.

Beyond enriching one’s life profoundly, few disciplines can boast of preparing graduates for such diverse careers. This may be why The London Times called philosophy "the ultimate ‘transferable work skill'."