Politics Internship Program

Our campus 's close proximity to the Oregon State Capitol Building and a variety of state offices makes this an ideal place to find internships with legislators, lobby groups, state agencies and political campaigns. Our students regularly gain valuable work experience in political environments ranging from the Governor's Office to the state Senate legislative office to the U.S. Congressional campaign headquarters. Whatever the cause or level of interest, our students easily find ways to get involved.The Politics Department frequently receives requests for interns as Willamette students enjoy a good reputation amongst legislators and activists. Such requests are circulated to all politics majors and are posted on the department's web site.

In addition to the myriad informal opportunities for students, our department offers two internship courses for academic credit; both courses are designed to enhance the internship experience by consciously linking academic theory with practical experience:

  • Government Internship (POLI 396)
  • Legislative Internships (POLI 398)

These courses are offered on an alternating basis in the spring semester and consist of placement in a department approved internship. Students are expected to:

  • work 12 hours per week at their internship.
  • attend periodic seminars.
  • produce work logs of internship activities
  • write a final research paper on a topic related to the student's work experience.

Recently students have completed internships in the following locations:

  • Governor's Office of Education & Workforce Policy
  • Governor's Office of Legal Counsel
  • various House of Representatives' offices
  • Oregon Associated Industries
  • Oregon Sportsmen's Defense Fund
  • Senate Majorite Whip
  • Senate Minority Leader

Email Melissa Michaux, Associate Professor of Politics, for more information.