Meeting Minutes for 11/6/09

Those in attendance: Paul Diller, Paul Dwyer, Rebecca Morgan (co-chair), Jill Munger (co-chair), Jessica Piiohia, Michael Smith, Jan Taborsky.

Not in attendance: Kate Schnurr & Livia Ursachi

Meeting called to order at 11:45 am.

Co-Chair Rebecca Morgan reviewed Willamette’s Code of Conduct and touched on the point regarding “Freedom of assembly and collective bargaining”.

Rebecca also shared that a complaint process was added to the initial CMR policies and guidelines.

Committee members reviewed the alleged violation of Willamette’s Code of Conduct by Russell Athletics.

The committee discussed the role of the FLA – and Jill Munger explained how they are used as a tool to determine whether Willamette Store vendors are in compliance with University policy. The committee agreed that they would use US laws on collective bargaining as the standard to compare with.

After reviewing various reports compiled by the FLA regarding the investigation into the business practices of Russell Athletics, the committee asked that the Willamette Store refrain from making any purchases with Russell until the FLA’s 45 day extension period has passed.

The committee determined that they would wait to make a decision regarding Willamette’s future business with Russell until they can review the FLA‘s final report in early December.

Meeting adjourned at 12:15 pm.

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