The Charge

The President’s Task Force on the Vice President for Equity and Inclusion is charged with evaluating the desirability for Willamette of creating a Vice President for Equity and Inclusion or similar chief diversity officer, and, if there is concurrence, to recommend to the President the goals, scope, and structure of such a position.

The task force will complete the following tasks:

  • Review the organization’s previous reports, plans and discussions around campus equity, diversity and proposals for a chief diversity officer,
  • Review current literature and best practices this type of leadership position in a higher education organizations,
  • As appropriate, interview incumbents in a range of similar positions, exploring tradeoffs and benefits that arise from different organizational structures, responsibilities, and resource models,
  • Develop a process that engages discussion and input from a broad spectrum of campus constituents and helps facilitate broader conversations about equity and inclusion on campus
  • Submit a report to the President that recommends whether a VP for Equity and Inclusion is the appropriate strategy to achieve Willamette’s goals around equity and inclusion and, if so, what are the goals, scope, and structure for the position.
  • Identify major challenges or tasks that will be left unaddressed, or that will need further attention

The members of the task force will safeguard confidentiality while conducting its work with transparency and openness. Unless otherwise indicated, the task force’s charge is completed upon the submission of its recommendations to the President.

Equity and Inclusion Report

Download the Equity and Inclusion Report below (PDF-format).
March 2017

Equity and Inclusion Report
Willamette University
900 State Street
Salem Oregon 97301 U.S.A.

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