President’s Task Force on Equity and Inclusion


  • Jade Aguilar, Vice President for Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion (Task Force Chair)
  • Liz Bahe, Director of Native American Programs
  • Val Cleary, Director of Athletics
  • Janet Jacquier, Area Coordinator
  • Colleen Kawahara, Director of the Office of the President (Task Force Staff)
  • Tori Ruiz, Administrative Program Coordinator, Student Support & Standards
  • Danny Santos, Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Administration
  • Shana Sechrist, Associate Vice President of Human Resources/Deputy General Counsel (Task Force Co-Vice Chair)
  • Gordy Toyama, Director of Multicultural Affairs


  • Raina Arberry, CLA
  • Cody Gregg, Law
  • Alika Masei, CLA
  • Rae Moreno, CLA
  • Lucille Muli-Kituku, AGSM
  • Efren Zamudio, CLA