The Institutional Marketing Committee, which is advisory to the president and the chief communications officer, provides guidance on institutional and program-specific marketing plans, assists with coordination of marketing efforts across campus and monitors implementation of the institutional marketing plan.

Duties of the Institutional Marketing Committee

The Institutional Marketing Committee advises the president on institutional and program-specific marketing plans and assists in implementing and monitoring these plans. In these capacities it:

  • Identifies the most effective ways for Willamette to strengthen its reputation and enhance its visibility
  • Assists in the development of the Willamette’s Institutional Marketing Plan
  • Reviews and monitors program-specific marketing plans
  • Assists in the implementation of the institutional marketing plans
  • Makes recommendations regarding institutional marketing priorities
  • Assesses university and program-specific marketing plans

Guidelines for the Institutional Marketing Committee

  • To monitor and maintain institutional identity standards
  • To provide coordination of institutional and program-specific marketing initiatives
  • To ensure alignment between Willamette’s strategic plans and institutional marketing efforts

Members of Willamette’s Institutional Marketing Committee have worked to define Willamette’s distinctions, market position, messages and competitive environment. This work culminated in the Institutional Marketing Plan, ratified by the president and Administrative Council in 2015. The plan was revised and again ratified in 2018. 

Willamette University

Institutional Marketing Committee

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