About Institute for Continued Learning (ICL)

Established in 1992, Willamette University's Institute for Continued Learning (WU-ICL) serves retired and semi-retired persons over the age of 50, who wish to explore opportunities for continued learning in an academic environment. ICL is part of the University and operates under the general oversight of the University to ensure consistency with University values and policies.
Membership requirements* include:

(a) an interest in life-long learning within the Willamette University environment

(b) the time and desire to attend classes

(c) access to the Internet and to email

(d) willingness to contribute to the academic programs and/or administration of ICL

(e) support to Willamette University, its faculty and students, in achieving the mission and goals of the University.

In particular, ICL members agree to attend the classroom sessions with reasonable regularity, and to participate in the various activities and offices of the Institute.

Program Details

Lecture/discussion sessions cover the range of the liberal arts and sciences. Individual instructors include current and retired Willamette University faculty and other qualified guest speakers. ICL members agree to provide one-third of the sessions. The program is non-credit and there are no examinations.

ICL is a self-directed academic program. ICL members who serve on the Curriculum Committee design the instructional program.

Classes meet Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00 a.m. to 12 noon and from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. in Ford Hall, Lecture Room 122 (and occasionally in Smullin Hall, Lecture Room B-17), throughout the University’s two semesters. There is usually one off-campus field trip per semester.

An annual non-refundable membership fee (currently $165ºº) is required for participation. Membership renewal deadline is May 31 each year.

A Board of Directors, elected annually, manages Institute operations. Board officers include:

Executive Director/Board Chair, Immediate Past Executive Director, Director of Curriculum Services, Director of University Support Services, Director of Membership Services, Director of Financial Services, Director of Secretarial Services, Director of Social Services and Director of Information Services (for current Board members, click on the "Officers" link at above left). 

Current membership is 160, a number limited by the available meeting space. There is a waiting list to join. 

An application or further information may be obtained from: Membership Director, at icl-inquiry@willamette.edu.

* For detailed membership policies and procedures, see Membership Policies/Procedures.