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Why Willamette?

1. In-person educational outcomes exceed offline

Technical training could be learned solo during the wee hours of the night, but understanding how technical tools apply to real problems requires learning face-to-face. Willamette's Data Science certificate program places students in direct contact with faculty who can guide students toward the knowledge, skills, and curiosity that drive value in their organization. The program embeds students in a network of select students, professionals, and faculty members that will cultivate, support, and promote their careers years into the future.

2. Willamette Faculty

Willamette's Data Science certificate program students benefit from faculty’s expertise in applying data science tools to solve real world problems, advance their careers, and drive success in their organizations.

3. Locally developed for local employers

Our Data Science certificate program has been designed with the direct input of recruiters, hiring managers and practicing data scientists from Portland's top employers, with the specific intention of developing a pipeline of candidates with data science proficiency.

Willamette University

Certificate in Data Science

900 State Street
Salem Oregon 97301 U.S.A.