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Data Science


Degrees Available: Bachelor of Science

Gain the technical skills, in-depth knowledge and ethically informed perspective you need to make an impact in fields ranging from business to bioinformatics to public policy.

Data scientists are creating new knowledge every day. They’re analyzing cultural trends on Instagram, tracking the spread of diseases in real time, developing algorithms to improve the gaming experience and leveraging satellite images to promote sustainable practices.

Willamette will prepare you to excel in this rapidly growing field. You'll learn from professors who are experts in computer science, math, statistics, and the social and natural sciences. You'll discover how to communicate your findings in ways that are clear and persuasive. And you'll gain invaluable experience in an internship or a research project that connects your studies to real-world data and organizations.

Regardless of where your career path leads, you'll generate insights that can benefit organizations, inspire policymakers and enhance our understanding of the world.

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Featured Alumni

Data Science

CorDarryl Hall MBA'19

  • Data analyst at Intel
  • Raised in a troubled home on Chicago’s South Side, graduated in the top 10% of his class, earned a bachelor’s degree in public administration
  • MBA gave him foundation in data modeling and storytelling
Data Science

Paimon Jaberi '17, MBA'18

  • Business intelligence analyst for the Seahawks
  • Analyzes data related to ticket sales, fan preferences, stadium operations
  • BA/MBA taught him how to analyze complex data sets and become a polished presenter
Data Science

Tommy Kawamura '14

  • Works with data for advance scouting role with Houston Astros
  • Interned at Sports Info Solutions and New York Mets
  • Taught at Willamette’s baseball camp and assisted with athletic events during undergrad.
Willamette University

Data Science

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