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Data Science Certificate

The Data Science certificate offered by Willamette University leverages industry and academic leaders to provide individuals with the most in-demand skill set of the 21st century.

Graduates of the certificate program will gain business insights and knowledge necessary to excel in today’s job market, coupled with the data science proficiency to remain on the cutting edge into the future. Classes are held in Portland and are conveniently offered during the evening, allowing working professionals to invest in their career while maintaining work-life balance.

What is Data Science for Professionals?

Data Science for Professionals brings managerial relevance with scientific rigor, harnessing the power of computer science and statistics to extract and communicate business insights, creating value for organizations. Data Science for Professionals is a four-course specialization that empowers working professionals to lead their organization in analytical roles.

Why add data science to your skill set?

A business professional with data science proficiency is a rare hybrid — an employee who creates value to their organizations with data-driven decisions, a storyteller who communicates effectively with data visualization, and a leader who implements long-term strategies with data trends.

Why study data science at Willamette?

Willamette's Data Science program provides classes designed, offered, and taught by the world-class faculty at Willamette University. Their knowledge and quality teaching ensures that graduates of the certificate program possess the insights necessary to drive value for organizations across all sectors.

As data science tools continue to evolve, business intelligence will become increasingly important. Knowing the right questions to ask will differentiate successful professionals from their counterparts.

Willamette University

Certificate in Data Science

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