The Council is chaired by the Vice President of Equity, Diversity. The membership of the Council on Diversity and Social Justice consists of no more than 12 and no fewer than eight (8) faculty, students, and staff appointed by the Vice President in consultation with the chair, academic deans, and faculty governance committees as follows:

  • At least one representative (who may be faculty, student or staff) from each school
    • College of Liberal Arts (CLA) - in consultation with the dean, the Multi-Cultural Affairs Committee (MAC) and other bodies as appropriate
    • College of Law - in consultation with the dean
    • Atkinson Graduate School of Management (AGSM) - in consultation with the dean
  • Additional faculty, students and staff (classified or administrative) broadly representative of various parts of the university community with an interest in diversity and social justice and reflecting the diversity of the university community.

Faculty and staff shall be appointed for two-year, renewable terms that shall be staggered to ensure continuity of experience. (The vice president, in consultation with the appropriate dean and faculty governance committee will appoint interim faculty members to replace regularly appointed faculty who are on leave.)

Students shall be appointed to one-year terms, renewable on the recommendation of the ASWU president, the CDSJ, and the appropriate academic dean.