Native American Advisory Council (NAAC)

A Native American Advisory Council (NAAC), composed of statewide native leaders, Willamette native alumni and Willamette native students, was formed in May 2006 to advise Willamette on its work with and service to Native American communities. The council’s membership includes Willamette University staff, faculty and a Board of Trustees representative. The council meets annually during the weekend of Willamette’s annual pow wow in March and has several goals:

  • To guide Willamette in becoming an effective resource and forum for Indian Country
  • To develop a consciousness among the broader Willamette community of the university’s origins as an Indian mission school and its opportunity and responsibility to partner with tribal communities
  • To use the collective resources of the NAAC members to build a network for Indian Country that will be facilitated by/centered at Willamette
  • To provide mentorship for Native high school- and college-age youth and contribute to the recruitment and retention of Native students at Willamette

Fall 2017 NAAC Meeting Schedule

  • Date Pending