Human Resources

Human Resources

Welcome to the Office of Human Resources at Willamette University. We are pleased that you want to know more about us. People choose to work at WU for many reasons, and many of them find it a great place to spend an entire career.

Willamette University enjoys all the benefits of the Pacific Northwest: forests, rivers, mountains and coastline nearby; a commitment to the environment; a relaxed, creative and civic-minded culture; and vibrant arts and music scenes. We are located in Salem, Oregon’s capital. The city of 152,000 is the epicenter of state government, law and business — and our campus is right across the street from the Capitol Building.  We are an independent, privately supported college.

We hope you will find the information and resources you need about Willamette University's employment, benefits, and programs helpful. Please contact us with any questions you may have. In addition, if you have sought or received service from Willamette's Human Resources team, we'd love to hear about your experience through participation in our confidential Human Resources services survey.

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Retirement Readiness Seminar - May 28 (UC Alumni Lounge Lounge)

Summer Shortcake Social - June 12 (Montag Den)

WE ROC BBQ - July 22 (Brown Field)

Ice Cream Break - August 6 (Jackson Plaza)

Volcanoes Spirit Event - August 26 (Brown Field)

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