Residential Services

2015-2016 Housing Selection for Returning Students

We have enjoyed having you on campus this year and encourage you to think about your housing plans for next year. Please read the following information and contact a member of your CM or Area Coordinator if you have any questions.

Residential Program Changes for 2015-2016

  • UAP will house juniors, seniors and graduate students. Apartments on floors 1-6 may be leased by 1 or 2 students. Apartments on 7th floor may house 2 or 3 students.
  • Substance Free Options – Baxter and Shepard will no longer be Substance Free halls.  WISH and Cascadia will house our Substance Free programs.
  • Cascadia will be a coed hall.
  • Terra will have a sustainability theme focus.
  • Gender inclusive assignment communities will be offered at Southwood and Lausanne 1st floor.
  • Gender inclusive bathrooms will be offered on the 1st floor of Shepard and one per floor on Doney 2nd and 3rd.
  • Fraternity designated, substance free spaces are 1st floor Doney for Beta Theta Pi and Kaneko A wing, 2nd floor East for Sigma Chi.

Residents who are unable to select their current room for next year, or who currently live in communities that will be undergoing programmatic changes, will have priority by lottery number during the in-house lotteries to select a different room in their building, or in a different community that will have a similar programmatic component as their current community.


The priority order for housing selection is on campus rising seniors, abroad rising seniors, on campus rising juniors, on campus rising sophomores and American Studies Program students. All on campus and abroad students are assigned a randomly generated lottery number for use in the housing selection process.

Timeline for Housing Selection, 2015-2016

Late March Information meetings held for CMs and Area Coordinators; email communications with students; posters in halls.
March 30 - April 17 Application period for 2015-2016 freshmen and sophomores requesting an exemption from the residency requirement. Students will be notified of the committee's decision during finals week.
March 30 - April 16

Housing packets available at Housing & Community Life for 2015-2016 room/apartment assignments.

April 2, 3, 6 Students who want to stay in the same room/apartment come to Housing & Community Life (Campus Safety entrance) to sign up.
April 2-5 Greek sign-up for chapters with designated University housing
April 8 Students who plan to move to a different room/apartment in their current building sign up at In-House Night (see locations below)
April 16 All Campus Lottery: 6:00-10:00 pm, Alumni Lounge, 3rd floor UC
May 15
Juniors and Seniors who elect to cancel their contract/lease for 2015-2016 to move off campus have until 11:59 p.m. to notify Housing & Community Life in writing that they wish to cancel.  Cancellations to move off campus after this date carry a non-negotiable penalty ($750 for contracts; $900 for leases).

Residency Requirement

All freshmen and sophomores are required to live on campus unless they are married, over 21, have dependent family under their care (parent or child), or living with parent(s)/legal guardian(s) within a commutable distance of 25 miles or less. Students must have completed 15.00 credits at the end of spring semester to be considered a junior.

Freshmen and sophomores who are interested in living off campus next year, but do not meet these criteria, may apply for a waiver of the Residency Requirement. Applications are available in Housing & Community Life (Campus Safety entrance). Applications and all supporting documentation are due by 5 PM, April 17, 2015. The Residency Requirement Waiver Committee only grants exemptions in extreme circumstances. Requests based on financial situations are not considered. Please contact Financial Aid to discuss available options to help pay for the cost of living on campus. Committee decisions will be made during finals week.

All freshmen and sophomores, regardless of whether they are applying to live off campus need to participate in the housing selection process for 2015-2016. Students with approved waivers for 2014-2015 need to reapply for 2015-2016 or select a room on campus. Students who are required to live on campus and fail to complete the housing registration process will be assigned to a space after the housing registration process is complete and will be referred to Office of Rights & Responsibilities.

Housing Selection Process

Housing Selection is a three-part process. Students may only participate in one part. Before Spring Break, all returning students will be emailed a unique randomly generated number for use in the housing selection process. Priority order is: rising seniors living on campus; rising seniors abroad; rising juniors on campus; rising juniors abroad; on campus rising sophomores and American Studies Program (ASP) students. These numbers will be used for priority for participants in the In-House Night on April 8th and the All Campus Lottery on April 16th. Mutual roommates should use the highest number assigned among the roommates. If you are moving into your sorority or fraternity's chapter designated housing, you will not need your pre-assigned number.

Part 1: Greek Sign-Up for Chapters with Designated Housing (April 2-5)

Greek affiliates who will be living in their chapter's University designated housing next year sign up for a room between April 2-April 5 by submitting a signed contract and preference card to the officer in charge of housing. Affiliates are eligible to sign-up for a residence hall/apartment on campus after their designated housing is full and they have signed their chapter's waiting list. Affiliates who are assigned to residence halls/apartments will be reassigned if a space opens up in their designated housing. Affiliated students who are not on their chapter's waiting list will not be able to participate in Parts 2 or 3.

Part 2: Residence Hall/Apartment In-House (April 2-8) - This is a new format!

In-House Selection for Residence Halls, UAP and Haseldorf

Students who plan to stay in the same room/apartment next year come to Housing & Community Life April 2nd, 3rd or 6th between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm to take their room/apartment back and submit their completed housing preference card and contract/lease. Please use the Campus Safety entrance.  If you have a mutual roommate from another room/hall, bring them with you or submit their completed paperwork to secure their spot in your current room/apartment. Bring student ID, signed contract/lease and preference card. Housing forms will be available in Housing & Community Life starting 3/30 (or print from the web). Students who do not claim their current room/apartment by 4:30 pm on April 6th participate in the In-House Night or the All Campus Lottery.

Students who plan to move to a different room/apartment in their current building participate in the In-House Night on April 8th from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm.  Kaneko residents go to the Atrium. All other hall/apartment residents go to Ford, 102. Bring your student ID, signed contract/lease and preference card according to the time assigned to the number you are emailed. Housing forms will be available in Housing & Community Life starting 3/30 (or print fromthe web)

Your CM will have a meeting to explain the process in more detail.

Part 3: All Campus Lottery (April 16)

All students interested in moving into a different residence hall/apartment next year will participate in the All Campus Lottery on 4/16. To participate in the lottery, pick up a housing registration packet at Housing & Community Life (Campus Safety entrance) starting 3/30 (or print from the web). The All Campus Lottery is held in the Alumni Lounge, UC 3rd floor, from 6:00-10:00 pm. Bring your student ID, signed contract/lease and preference card to the lottery according to the time assigned to the number you are emailed.

Housing selection notes:

  • Students who wish to be roommates must mutually request each other when they turn in their housing materials.
  • Triple rooms/Kaneko suites are only assigned to three mutually requested roommates during housing selection.
  • Students who sign up for a triple room/suite will be moved to a double room if a roommate cancels during the summer.
  • Apartment residents who sign up with a roommate who is going abroad or graduating at semester must also submit the spring semester replacement roommate's signed lease to secure the apartment.
  • Some rooms are reserved in each residence hall for incoming students prior to In-House Nigt. This is done to ensure that all classes are represented in every residence hall.
  • All ASP students must have a mutual roommate request with a CLA student to sign up for a room. If an ASP student does not have a mutual request with a CLA student, they will be assigned with the incoming class this summer.

2015-2016 Rates

Students living in a residence hall/sorority are required to participate in a meal plan. Meal plans are optional for apartment residents.

Single rooms cost an additional $750-$1,500 per year depending on the location.

Apartment Options

Annual lease rates include a partially furnished apartment and utilities. The rent will be equally divided by the actual number of occupants. Each resident is responsible for paying a $250 cleaning deposit (see lease) that is refunded if the apartment meets all cleaning specifications at check-out. No partial refunds will be given.

The Apartment Lease differs significantly from the Residence Hall Room & Meal Plan Contract. Assignment to multiple occupancy apartments is by mutual request only. Each student is collectively responsible for the full payment of the advertised rent amount for the particular apartment. If, at any point during the term of the lease, a resident cancels their lease for any reason, the remaining resident(s) is responsible for either finding a new apartmentmate or moving. Apartment occupancy is for the entire term of the lease. Haseldorf, Kaneko Commons and UAP residents sign an eligibility statement declaring they are eligible for assignment and are in good academic and disciplinary status with the University. Apartments are only assigned to capacity with mutual roommates.  Housing & Community Life does not make apartmentmate assignments.

Graduate Students

On campus housing is not guaranteed for non-resident graduate students. Current off campus and new graduate students interested in an apartment at UAP or Haseldorf may come to the Service Center to sign the waiting list. Availability of apartments for graduate students will be announced in early June and will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis.

Apartment Lease/Off Campus Meal Plans

Students living in campus apartments or off campus may purchase any of the Willamette Meal Plans by contacting Residential Services for a contract.

Summer Housing

Haseldorf and the University Apartments are open this summer from 5/22/15 - 7/31/15. Summer leases are available at the Service Center after Spring Break.

Assignment Confirmation/Cancellation Grace Period

A housing confirmation email will be sent out the first week of May from Residential Services. This is the time to make sure everything you signed up for is correct. The contract/lease is for the entire academic year. The grace period to cancel without financial penalty ends at 11:59 p.m. on Friday, May 15, 2015. Qualifying students who cancel their contract/lease to move off campus after the published deadline are assessed the non-negotiable cancellation fee ($750 for contract; $900 for apartment lease).

Personal Property Insurance

Willamette University is not responsible for the loss or damage of personal property and advises all students to cover their belongings under their own insurance.