Student Academic Grants and Awards

Carson Scholarship: 2014

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Laura Cullen

Friendship Maintenance after High School: Implications for Psychological Well-Being
Sponsor: Melissa Witkow, Psychology

Michaelanne Foster

Byzantine and Beyond: Learning to Write Christian Icons According to Sixth-Century Tradition
Sponsor: Ricardo De Mambro Santos, Art History

Heather Kyllingmark

Soundtrack as Aesthetic Persuader: An Experiential Pursuit of the Art and Rhetoric of Filmic Sound
Sponsor: Michael Nord, Music

Kaitlin O'Neill

The Letter Ogham Stone: Looking at Cross-Temporal Cultural and Archaeological Connections pf Standing and Inscribed Stones in Ireland
Sponsor: Scott Pike, Earth and Environmental Sciences

Benjamin Mow

Solving the Mystery of AC Andromeda: The Study of a Triple-Mode Pulsating Star
Sponsor: Richard Watkins , Physics

Lindsay Russo

Warm-up Duration Effect on Knee Valgus Angles for Female Soccer Players
Sponsor: Brandi Row Lazzarini, Exercise Science

Hannah Schwarz

Shifting Landscapes of Peruvian Identity and the Production of Quinoa
Sponsor: Peter Wogan, Anthropology

Brenna Smelt

Creating Aerial Performance with Technology and Experimentation
Sponsor: E.J. Reinagel, Theater

Soren Underdahl

The Categorical Betrayal of Humanity: Kant's Influence on Nazism
Sponsor: Sammy Basu, Politics