Remote Participation: A Guide

Welcome to Willamette University! While remote participation is not how you probably envisioned beginning the fall 2020 semester, COVID-19 has altered many realms of our lives.

Student studying outsideMore and more we are learning to become more technologically nimble, savvy and innovative — and now, college will be no different. To succeed in this new modality, there are a lot of changes you, as a learner, will have to make. Unless you have completed high school or college coursework online before, this is a new experience. With every new experience, a learning curve follows: sometimes the curve is steep, and sometimes it’s not. As you go through this transition, be patient with yourself and try to remember that it may take considerable time to adapt to this new normal.

To begin, make sure your internet is reliable and can support Zoom. Next, your environment (home or other) will have to be distraction-free — or as close to distraction-free as possible. (If you have headphones, use them.) If your professor pre-records the lectures (asynchronous teaching), which means you can watch them when you want, be sure to set a specific time to review them. Avoid letting the lectures pile up on you; and definitely do not try to watch them in bed instead of at a desk, table, chair, or even on the floor — somewhere where you can fully engage the material, take notes, rewind for clarity, and isn’t so “nap-able.” Lastly, be sure to make a schedule to manage your time, as 24 hours can go by really quickly if you are not paying attention, or binge watching.

To assist with this transition, this guide contains information that you might find helpful. You will find information about:

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