3+1 BS/MS in Data Science

Earn two degrees in four years and apply your knowledge to fields ranging from business to medicine to environmental science.

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This unique program will give you an opportunity to complete a BS and an MS in data science in four years. Completing both degrees in this timeframe will require a high degree of focus, but it will allow you to launch your career sooner and maximize your earning potential.

You’ll benefit from the breadth of Willamette’s undergraduate offerings and the strengths of its graduate courses in business analytics. You’ll also learn how to analyze complex information and generate insights that will benefit organizations and enhance our understanding of a rapidly changing world.

Degree Requirements

  • Introduction to Programming or Practical Applications of Python for Data Science
  • Statistical Learning with R
  • Fundamentals of Data Science
  • Math for Data Science
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Engineering
  • Two undergraduate electives
  • Three graduate electives
  • Internship
  • Graduate capstone project

Example degree path for 4-year BS/MS

A student who is interested in Data Science, and specifically in applications in environmental policy and analysis, might put together a four-year curriculum map like the following. This would lead to a BS in Data Science, a minor in Environmental Science and an MS in Data Science.

  Fall Semester Spring Semester
Year 1 College Colloquium
Intro to Programming with Python
Politics and Ethics
Math for Data Science
Statistical Learning with R
Introduction to 4-D Art
Social Systems and the Environment
Year 2 Fundamentals of Data Science
Earth Systems Science and the Environment
Elementary Japanese I
Analyzing Public Discourse
Introduction to Cinema Studies
Geographic Information Systems
Elementary Japanese II
Political Judgment
Year 3 Research in the Anthropocene
Machine Learning
Feminism, Gender, and Society
Intermediate Japanese I
Religions of Asia
Data Engineering
Research Design and Presentation
Intermediate Japanese II
Summer Internship
Year 4 Advanced Data Visualization
Earth’s Climate: Past, Present, and Future
Western Civilization and Sustainability
Data Ethics and Privacy
Data Science Capstone Project
Principles of Economics
Creative Writing Fundamentals
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