Achieve more together.

When you join one of Willamette’s intercollegiate teams, you get so much more than the chance to play your sport at a higher level. You join a group of driven, like-minded individuals who share your passion for your sport and your desire for a top-notch education.

You’ll push each other harder than you thought possible. You’ll sweat and strain, win and lose, learn and grow.

And you’ll discover service on a team level; our motto follows you into practice, in competition and on the road.

You’ll serve your teammates, pushing them to realize their potential, and help them discover what they’re truly capable of. Your coaches will drive you hard. On several occasions throughout the year, you and your team will work in the service of the community, for example: spending a day coaching youngsters; volunteering at a local food pantry; cleaning up a park.

You will become a better athlete, a stronger student, and a more well-rounded citizen. You will achieve more.

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You deserve a training space that matches your love for your sport. We’ve invested in our facilities in service to your passion.

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Everything prospective student-athletes need to know about our recruitment, and the NCAA’s guidelines.

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