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When selecting your law school, remember three things: Location. Location. Location.

Map of Willamette University's neighborhood

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Willamette University is located literally across the street from Oregon's State Capitol and Supreme Court. Our neighbors here in Oregon's capital city of Salem also include state agencies, lobbyists and advocacy organizations, and a healthy collection of regional offices for large law firms, medium and small law firms, and solo practitioners.

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Willamette is at the confluence of law creation, adjudication, statewide policy development, and the pursuit of justice. In other words, we're in an ideal location to study law.

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Our own legal centers, clinics and Placement Office have close ties to the top echelon of the state's legal community. A good portion of our esteemed faculty consists of these influential legal minds as well.

Willamette's relationships with our good neighbors enhance our students’ access to the processes and people who shape, write, advocate, and pass new laws and adjudicate, evaluate, and amend existing laws.

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