Willamette University College of Law uses a letter grading system. The grade range is A+ (4.30) to F (0.00) The letter system includes minuses and pluses for each letter grade.

Dean's Honors List

The Dean's Honors List is composed of the Top 10% in each class, based on semester grades, and is limited to full-time students completing eight or more graded hours.

Individual Class Rankings

The College of Law computes individual semester rankings only for full-time students completing five or more graded hours and whose semester grade point averages are within the top 33% of the class. Individual cumulative rankings are noted for those who place in the top 33% of the class. This information is not posted to the law transcript.

GPA Requirements

All College of Law credits are recorded in semester hours. Students must have completed 90 semester hours, 70 of which must be letter graded. A cumulative grade point average of C+ (2.30) for all work is required for graduation. To be eligible to graduate, a student must earn a minimum GPA of C+ (2.30) or higher in the courses taken during their third year of law school, calculated separately.

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