For Employers

The Placement Office provides the following major services and opportunities to employers. Please contact our office if you have other needs or questions 503-370-6057.


Employers may post a job opportunity at any time. If you have questions or problems accessing the forms, please call our office at 503-370-6057.

Employers are also encouraged to participate in On Campus Interviewing during the fall season and throughout the school year.

All employers are notified of Willamette University's non-discrimination policy.

Salary and Employment Trends

The Placement Office maintains information on local and national salary and hiring trends. If we can assist you with this information, please contact our office at (503) 370-6057.

Mentor Program

The Placement Office oversees an active student/attorney mentoring program. Our mentoring program pairs first year law students with volunteer lawyers and judges. This provides students with a tremendous opportunity, early in their legal careers, to forge an individual relationship with a practicing attorney or judge, who can offer insight about the practice of law.