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Professor David A. Friedman teaches commercial law, business law, torts, and consumer trade practices law. Friedman has published in the areas of behavioral economics, contract theory, advertising law, and public health. Willamette law students have selected him as Outstanding Professor of the Year several times. He received the university’s Robert L. Misner Award for Law Faculty Scholarship in 2019, and the Jerry E. Hudson Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2012. 

Before joining the Willamette faculty in 2008, Friedman was a management consultant for Monitor Group, a global strategy consultancy founded by professors from Harvard Business School.

Friedman has served as the secretary of his Yale College class, on the executive committee of Yale Law School Association and is active with the alumni schools committee of the Yale Alumni Association of Oregon.

He is a member of the Oregon and New York state bars.

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  • JD, Yale University
  • BA, Yale College, cum laude, with distinction in Economics


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  • Impostor Scams, 54 U. Mich. J.L. Ref. 611 (2021).
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  • Addressing the Commercialization of Business Reputation, 80 Law & Contemp. Prob. 73 (2017) (invited symposium essay).
  • Refining Advertising Regulation, 49 Conn. L. Rev 837 (2017).
  • Reconsidering Fictitious Pricing, 100 Minn. L. Rev 921 (2016).
  • Public Health and the Limits of Paternalism, 46 Conn. L. Rev. 1687 (2014) (solicited lead commentary article).
  • Micropaternalism, 88 Tulane L. Rev. 75 (2013).
  • Explaining "Bait-and-Switch" Regulation, 4 Wm. & Mary Bus. L. Rev. 575 (2013).
  • Bringing Order to Contracts Against Public Policy, 39 Fla. St. UL Rev. 563 (2012).
  • Debiasing Advertising: Balancing Risk, Hope and Social Welfare, 19 JL & Pol'y 539 (2011).
  • Free Offers: A New Look, 38 New Mexico L. Rev. 49 (2008).
  • Reinventing Consumer Protection, 57 DePaul L. Rev. 45 (2007).
  • The Administrative and Compliance Cost of Manual Highway Toll Collection: Evidence from Massachusetts and New Jersey (with Joel Waldfogel) 48 National Tax Journal, 217-28 (June 1995).

Other Writings

  • It's Time To Upgrade Our Attorney Licensure Rules, Law360 (August 12, 2021)
  • Quintin Johnstone Bridges the Ages, Willamette Lawyer (Spring 2010).
  • Op-Ed, For Whom the Bridge Tolls? Hopefully, Nobody, Oregonian (Dec. 14, 2009).
  • Op-Ed, Don't Panic Over Beer Giant's Future, Statesman-Journal (Salem, Ore.) (July 29, 2008).
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