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Academic Excellence Fellowship

The Academic Excellence Fellowship program is dedicated to fostering a shared commitment to intellectual, professional, and personal community while developing foundational academic and professional skills among the 1L class. The program centers on the principle that the twin pillars of student success are belonging and ability. Fellows are charged with building a strong foundation for both. The Fellows are selected through a competitive application process during the spring semester. 

Past Fellows' Advice for 1Ls

"Semesters can feel very long, so it's a good idea to pace yourself and set aside some time to do non-law school things you enjoy." -Rodrigo Fernandez-Ortega 

"It's really hard not to compare yourself to others, but it's a slippery slope. Focus on your own success." -Josh Baker 

"Do what works best for you when it comes to preparing, studying, and being ready for class. Everyone learns in different ways and you know yourself best! And don't forget to breathe." -Cole Edwards 

"Keep the habits that got you here. Law school gets so busy with academics and co-curricular involvement that it becomes easy to throw all the "tools" out the window. Stay disciplined enough to adhere to those habits that have helped you get to this point in your life." -Leo Ortega

"My biggest piece of advice for incoming students is to prioritize your mental health. Law school is a huge adjustment and it can take a heavy toll on you. It will affect you mentally, physically, and academically if you aren't taking care of yourself. It's important to take a step back and reach out to someone if you are struggling." -Teddy Krolczyk

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