1. How do I take a FLEX exam?
  2. I have two exams in the same day. Can I reschedule one of my exams?

1. How do I take a FLEX exam?

Students are responsible for timing themselves for FLEX exams, so it is very important to bring your own watch to time yourself. You will have the allotted time of of the exam, and FIVE MINUTES travel time to stamp your envelope when checking it in and out. For instance, if the exam is 2 hours, you will only have a total of 2 hours and 5 minutes to take your exam and time stamp it in and out.

  1. We will have all the FLEX exams in the lobby outside the OSA at the beginning of every scheduled FLEX time.
  2. Bring your own watch to time yourself - the use of cell phones are NOT ALLOWED at any time during exams - and be aware that the clocks in the rooms may not exactly match up to the time clocks where you will be stamping in and out.
  3. Come a little early to set yourself up in the assigned FLEX exam room.
  4. At the scheduled time (8:30am or 1:30pm), you will gather your scratch paper, blue book(s), and FLEX exam envelope. When you are ready, you will time stamp the envelope and a staff-members from the OSA will hand you your exam. Your examination time starts from the moment you stamp your envelope.
  5. Note which time clock you used when you stamped your envelope and use the same one when you return to stamp the envelope in.
  6. If at any time during the exam your computer fails, just as you would with a timed exam, you can re-boot once and try to return to your exam, if that doesn't work, you must start to handwrite from the point where your computer failed. After the exam, let the OSA know what happened.
  7. After you finish your exam and are ready to submit to the server, click end exam and try submitting one-time. If it doesn't send right away, at this point make sure you go time stamp your envelope to have a correct record of your actual end time. If you are still having problems submitting your exam to the server, you can deal with that after you know you have stamped your envelope back in.
  8. Make sure all materials are back in your exam envelope when you are ready to turn it into the box in the lobby outside the OSA - exam question, used scratch paper and/or blue books.
  9. Any unused scratch paper and blue books should be returned to the table outside the OSA.

2. I have two exams in the same day. Can I reschedule one of my exams?

The Student Handbook (see Section 5) allows for exams to be rescheduled only if:

  1. Two exams scheduled at the same time, or two examinations in one business day.
  2. Three exams scheduled in three consecutive calendar days.
  3. Death in the immediate family.
  4. Illness - In the event of illness, each oft he following steps must be taken:
    • Notify the WUCL staff in the OSA immediately.
    • Without delay, arrange with the staff in the OSA to take the missed exam at a later date.
    • Missed exams must be rescheduled during the exam period or immediately following the last scheduled exam.
    • Provide the OSA with a doctor's note.
  5. Other extreme and unforeseen cases.

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