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3+3 Program

Considering a law degree? Accelerate the process with the 3+3.

The 3+3 Program is a partnerships between the Willamette University College of Law and the College of Arts & Sciences that allows students to complete a bachelor's degree and law degree in six years rather than the usual seven.

What is the benefit?

Students complete their education more quickly, effectively reducing costs and student loan debt and providing students an extra year of earning power after they graduate.

How does it work?

Students complete three years of study at the Willamette University College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) and three years of law school at Willamette University College of Law.

An admitted CAS student can enter law school before completing his or her undergraduate degree. After finishing the first year of law school, the student can apply the law school credits toward completion of a baccalaureate degree, enabling the student to graduate with a bachelor’s degree after the first year of law school.

Application to the 3+3 Program

Students attending partner schools should review the program requirements and meet with the program advisor as early as possible in their first two years of undergraduate study.

Application to the College of Law

Early in their junior year, participating 3+3 students should begin the standard JD application process required of all applicants to the College of Law. Please note, admission to the 3+3 Program does not ensure admission to the College of Law.

We encourage all 3+3 students to contact the Willamette's Law Admission Office to set up a visit, sit in on a first-year class,  tour the law school, and meet with an admission representative.

Law Admission Office
Truman Wesley Collins Legal Center, Suite 401
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