Community and Environmental Justice Clinic

Students in the Community and Environmental Justice Clinic represent individuals and organizations seeking to protect themselves from pollution, improve the health of their communities, and promote justice and equity in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

In the Community and Environmental Justice Clinic, students become practice-ready lawyers by learning transferable lawyering skills and applying them to real projects. Working in teams, students may represent clients in federal or state litigation seeking to challenge a permit or enforce an environmental law, they may assist clients who are preparing written or oral public comment on a proposed project, or they may partner with local organizations and advocacy groups to advocate for safer and healthier communities. CEJC students will learn about laws and regulations addressing water and air pollution, climate change, food production and distribution, housing and community safety, equitable distribution of environmental resources, and more. They will also think more broadly about movement lawyering and the role that lawyers play in ensuring that everyone is able to fairly access and be meaningfully involved in environmental decision-making.

For more information, including to inquire about enrollment in the clinic, students should contact Professor Sarah Matsumoto at

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