Application for International Exchange Students

Application Process: Applicants should submit the application below by the date indicated. Questions should be directed to Jonathan Scrimenti at

Application Form
Last Name or Family Name is required.

Write your name exactly as it is written on your passport

First Name is required.

Write your first name exactly as it appears on your passport

Write your middle name exactly as it appears on your passport

Gender is required.
Date of Birth is required.

Date, Month and Year (example 9 October 1983)

Place of Birth is required.

Include City, State, Country

Country of Citizenship is required.
Country of Legal Permanent Residence is required.
Current Mailing Address is required.
Telephone Number is required.

(country code, area code, number)

Email is required.
Secondary Email is required.
Date after which mail can no longer be received at current address is required.

(Date, Month and Year)

Permanent Mailing Address is required.
Academic Information
Name of Your Home Institution is required.
Degree Program in Which You are Studying is required.
Semester of Exchange at Willamette University MBA is required.
MBA Curricular Areas of Interest is required.
Extracurricular Activities or Interests is required.
Laptop Computer

All MBA students are required to have a laptop computer with Windows 10 or newer operating system and Windows-based Microsoft Office that meet the specifications explained at:

Do you have a laptop that meets these specifications? is required.

Supplemental Information

Please email each of the following required documents to Jonathan Scrimenti at

1) Current copy of your resume or CV

2) Current copy of your academic transcript from your home institution

3) Photocopy of the name/picture page of your passport

4) Proof of English language proficiency (email a copy of your TOEFL or IELTS score or request an interview)

5) Financial Certification for Exchange Students and official bank documentation confirming funds

6) Health insurance is required of all students studying at Willamette. The Willamette Student Health Insurance Plan reflects the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. View information about health insurance for international students.

Students will not be required to purchase the Willamette Student Insurance Plan if they are covered by a comparable health insurance plan. If you have a health insurance plan that meets or exceeds the coverage of Willamette's Student Health Insurance Plan, you will be able to waive the Willamette policy. A waiver process will be made available to you in summer. If you do not request a waiver or if your policy is not approved by Willamette as meeting or exceeding coverage required by Willamette University, you will automatically be enrolled in and billed for the Willamette Student Health Plan.

Thank you for submitting your application. Please email Jonathan Scrimenti at if you do not receive confirmation that your application was received.

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