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Atkinson Student Association (ASA) - Governing Body

The Atkinson Student Association is an organization that is dedicated to supporting student organizations and their members. The student board members are responsible for reviewing new student organizations; registering existing student organizations on a yearly basis; providing, developing, and improving services and resources for student organizations; enforcing policies and procedures related to student organizations; and coordinating the end of the year Atkinson Brownwater Weekend.

President: Riley Lankford
Vice President: Abdul Ali
Secretary: Kali Woodward
Treasurer: Michael Burke
Compliance Officer: Zoe Jordan Oketch-Oduwo
Public Relations: Kendra Knapp
Joint Degree Rep: Brian Eno
EDI Chair: Joshua Perez
First Year Representative: Dylan Tut

Faculty Advisor: Dave Sundby

Atkinson Accounting & Finance Association (AA&FA)

AA&FA assists in the professional, educational, and social development of Willamette MBA students interested in accounting, finance, banking, and investments. AA&FA strives to: promote the reputation of Atkinson both regionally and nationally; promote an in-depth understanding in all fields of accounting & finance; and provide forums (panels and treks) where members have the opportunity to interact and learn from each other as well as faculty, alumni, and other accounting & finance professionals.

President: Tania Islam
Vice President: Zoe Jordan Oketch-Oduwo
Treasurer: Xavier Reynoso
First Year Representative: Carolyn Ho

Faculty Advisor: Kawika Pierson

Atkinson Consulting and Strategy Association (ACSC)

President: Logan Heagerty
Vice President: Amy Nelson
Treasurer: Abdul Ali
Secretary: Aryan Bhardwaj
First Year Representative: Eliete Costa
First Year Representative: Jamie Farden

Faculty Advisor:

Business and Law Encompassing Network (BALEN)

In the Business And Law Encompassing Network we strive to highlight the intersection in business and law. Based around the JD/MBA, but open to all, the goal of this organization is to further each member's knowledge of the common problems in business, law, & decisions they may make as a part of, or owner, of a business. BALEN is NOT the business law club. We plan to be the networking line drawn in between the real life application of Business & the real life constraints of Law. We will provide and determine the structures, differences, and how to implement them to your advantage relating to business through the perspective of law.

President: Wyatt Jones
Vice President: Jefferson Van Domelen
Treasurer: Tony Wurst
First Year Representative: Francisco Luzania

Faculty Advisor: Jonathan Thompson

Atkinson Business Technology Association (BTA)

Our mission is to promote the education and success of our members through the use of technology in specific business-related practices. The Business Technology Association will accomplish this by leveraging the diverse backgrounds of our professors, student experience, and the abundant resources the internet has to offer. Additionally, we strive to add value by bringing in professionals to provide technology-related education and networking opportunities. The association's vision is to not only help its members reach their career goals, but also to further the Atkinson MBA program as a leader in business technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

President: Aryan Bhardwaj
Treasurer: Dylan Tut
Communications Rep: Alaina Holland
First Year Representative: Ruby Thompson

Faculty Advisor: Kawika Pierson

International Graduate Students Association (IGSA)

IGSA promotes cross-cultural understanding among international and American students. IGSA provides new international students with collegial support as they adjust to a new culture and academic environment. IGSA also provides an ongoing forum to convey the special concerns of international students to the administration at Atkinson; works to foster an awareness of the Willamette MBA among institutions of higher learning, corporations and students in other countries; and sponsors the annual International Dinner which brings cultures together and celebrates them in one of the most attractive events of the year! All international and U.S. students are encouraged to participate in IGSA and to use its services as a resource.

President: Oshadhi Jayaweera
First Year Representative: Raylina Dixon-Cole

Faculty Advisor: Polly Rizova

Student-Athletes of Atkinson (SAA)

Our mission is to provide explorational opportunities for positions within the sports industry to all AGSM students and serve as a supportive resource for AGSM varsity student-athletes. We are excited to provide events and activities that highlight the intersection of sports and business to all of AGSM, in addition to holding monthly membership meetings to build community. SAA was founded by a group of current and former student-athletes whose experiences and career interests helped them recognize an opportunity within the AGSM community. While over 40% of AGSM is connected to varsity athletics in some way, SAA aims to serve anyone within the community interested in how business and athletics intersect.

President: Clint Walker
Vice President: Kendra Knapp
Treasurer: Jack Boydell
Secretary: Samuel Daly
Communications Chair: Emma Porter
First Year Representative: Ashley Collins
First Year Representative: Ruby Thompson

Faculty Advisor: Debra Ringold

Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) - AGSM Chapter

The Atkinson chapter of SHRM is a chartered chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management. SHRM promotes student professional development and provides networking with human resource professionals. Events sponsored by SHRM include: resume workshops, mock interview sessions, site visits, guest speakers, and community service activities.

President: Oshadhi Jayaweera
Vice President: Tani Shalanyuy
Treasurer: Sara Aljuhani
Secretary: Addison Bohag
First Year Representative: Jacob Hesse

Faculty Advisor: Ashley Nixon

Women of AGSM (WOA)

The mission of Women of AGSM is to provide dedicated support, networking events, and workshops that will launch women into fulfilling careers, empower them to step into leadership roles, and enhance diversity in the workforce. Women of AGSM is committed to helping the students of AGSM grow personally and professionally and to foster a community of peers and equals.

President: Tani Shalanyuy
Vice President: Sara Aljuhani
Treasurer: Addison Bohag
Secretary: Lillian Garcia
First Year Representative: Ava Kitchin

Faculty Advisor: Ashley Nixon

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