MBA Curriculum and Registration Guides

The Willamette MBA curriculum includes a set of core and required courses and the opportunity to choose from a variety of elective courses designed to help you build one or more functional areas of interest.  The area of interest and registration guides shown below can help you plan your MBA curriculum. 

As you develop your curricular path, it is important to be aware of all graduation requirements. Specific information about all graduation requirements (including courses, credits, minimum gpa, IKEWS, Management Writing Program, etc.) is available in the student handbook.  You can track your progress toward graduation via your online graduation audit,

Areas of Interest

Willamette MBA elective courses provide in-depth knowledge in many functional areas of interest. Use the links below to explore the elective courses recommended for each area of interest.  Click to see the course descriptions for elective courses

Registration Guides

The registration guides can help you plan your curricular path. Be sure to click on the link that describes your MBA program format (MBA, BA/MBA, JD/MBA). Although similar, the formats of the MBA program differ in regard to some graduation requirements.