As a citizen of Willamette University and the Atkinson School, it is important to understand the resources and services available to help you when you need assistance.

The Willamette MBA is a rewarding and demanding professional and academic experience. It will require you to: learn new concepts; apply what you learn to organizations; effectively manage yourself, others and clients; develop new interpersonal, professional and leadership behaviors; adapt to change; and successfully manage your time, energy and stress. Each of these skills is critical to your personal and professional success.

The MBA experience is incredibly rewarding and also mirrors real life. There will be many times when you and your classmates will experience the difficulties of having multiple demands and roles in your life. When this happens, be sure to utilize your Atkinson School/Willamette network of people and support resources. We have people and services available to help you thrive during your educational, professional and life-changing journey as an MBAP student.

Personal Support Services

Atkinson School Faculty and Staff: The Atkinson School faculty and staff are happy to listen to you and talk with you. Faculty and staff are also able to refer you to other School and University resources.

Office of the Chaplains: The Office of the Chaplains offers a wide variety of opportunities which foster spiritual growth and understanding as well as religious commitment and action. The chaplains work with persons of all religious persuasions -- and of none. Proselytizing is not part of the program; progress along one's own path is. The chaplains provide confidential assistance in a caring, comfortable and safe environment.

Campus Safety: The goal of the Office of Campus Safety is to protect the Willamette University campus. Students at the Portland campus should call 911 in the case of emergencies. Students on the Salem campus should report emergencies, suspicious activity and criminal behavior to Campus Safety at 503-370-6911,, or visit the Campus Safety office in the Executive Building. Campus Safety also offers safety escorts on campus, and up to two blocks off the Salem campus, during all hours of darkness.

Interpersonal Violence, Sexual Assault, Stalking, Dating Violence, Safety, and Reporting Gender-Based Harassment
: Willamette University continually strives to foster a safe environment in which students can pursue their academic goals free from the detrimental effects of interpersonal violence, sexual assault, gender-based harassment, stalking and dating violence. These issues are in every community, and Willamette University is committed to being at the forefront of institutions confronting these issues. interpersonal violence, sexual assault, gender-based harassment, stalking and dating violence in any form is a direct violation of this commitment and will not be tolerated, whether it occurs on campus or off campus and regardless of who is involved (students, staff, faculty, university community and guests). It undermines the trust and respect essential in an institution of higher learning, can create a hostile learning, working, and/or living environment, and represents a breach of specific provisions of the Standards of Conduct.

If you think you have been a victim of interpersonal violence, sexual assault, gender-based harassment, stalking or dating violence before coming to the Atkinson School or during your time as a Willamette MBA student, you have choices, and Willamette has services and resources to help you. We strongly encourage students to obtain immediate medical attention and seek support and care by disclosing incidents to someone who can connect them to support resources. This may be achieved by connecting with one of our Support Resources, or simply by completing the online reporting form.

A student seeking support for these issues has multiple options, described in the sexual misconduct resources and in policy. The university is committed to helping students connect with the resources they want and need while respecting the student’s wishes regarding what next steps they choose to make. Students have access to resources that are totally confidential, as well as resources to assist with filing a report with the university, with law enforcement, with both or neither.

Confidential support resources include Bishop Wellness Center Counseling Services (503-370-6471), Bishop Wellness Health Services (503-370-6062), the University's Chaplain and Assistant Chaplain (503-370-6213), and the Weekend Hotline (503-851-4245) sponsored by SARAs (Sexual Assault Response Allies) who are specially trained Willamette student volunteers.

Quick Link Resources For All Types of Interpersonal Violence:

Academic Support Services

Atkinson School Faculty and Staff:
The Atkinson School faculty and staff are happy to listen to you and talk with you. Faculty and staff are also able to refer you to other School and University resources.

Advising: MBAP students are always welcome to seek advising from any member of the faculty, staff or administration. All MBAP students are advised by the Career Management staff for career advising, and Senior Associate Dean Alex Subert for academic advising, general advising and information about academic policies, campus resources, services and procedures. In addition, Karen Arthur, Atkinson School Recorder will assist second-year students with graduation audits.

Tutors: Tutoring is available for the quantitative courses: Data Analysis, Modeling and Decision Making; Accounting for Managers; and Finance and Economics for Managers. Check with your professor for the name of the tutor. Tutors are generally second-year students from the Willamette Early Career/Career Change program who specialize in tutoring specific subject areas or selected MBAP students. Students are expected to utilize tutors in a manner that falls well within school and course policies in regard to collaboration, academic honesty and ethical behavior. The tutor's job is to help the student understand the concepts and processes involved in the course so the student can successfully complete their own work. Tutors may not provide the answers to homework problems or do homework for a student. Questions about the tutor program should be addressed to Alex Subert, Senior Associate Dean.

Management and Economics Librarian: Gary Klein, is the Reference Librarian for Management and Economics for the University’s Library. Gary works with Atkinson students and faculty. Gary has years of experience in his specialty and is always willing to help locate articles, statistics, and resources. Contact Gary by email (, phone (503-370-6743) or at the library. See his special library guide for Atkinson students:

Course Difficulties: MBAP students are expected to be professional and proactive in discussing difficulties with course concepts, completing course work as assigned, grades, and other issues with the faculty member. The accepted process for discussion of course issues at the Atkinson School is as follows. First, talk to the faculty member involved in the concern. If talking to the faculty member does not solve the concern, then the student should talk to Senior Associate Dean, Alex Subert. If talking to Alex Subert does not solve the concern, then the student should talk to the Dean of the Atkinson School, Debra Ringold.

Accessible Education Services: Willamette University is committed to the full access and inclusion of all qualified students in its programs. The Willamette Accessible Education Services office facilitates reasonable accommodations for students with a qualifying disability or temporary medical condition while maintaining institutional standards. Students with a disability should contact Lori Fontaine at the Willamette University Accessible Education Services Office.

Quick Links to Online Resources - AGSM Directory, Schedule of Classes, Grade Reports, Graduation Audit: You have easy online access to the Atkinson School directory (all faculty, staff and student names, emails and pictures), your schedule of classes, your grades, and your graduation audit.

Give Feedback

Communicate Your Concerns: MBAP students are always invited to communicate their concerns. Students are also always expected to be professional and proactive in discussing their concerns. The accepted process for communicating your concerns at the Atkinson School is as follows. First, talk to the student, faculty or staff member involved in the concern. If talking to the faculty or staff member involved does not solve the concern, then the student should talk to Senior Associate Dean, Alex Subert. If talking to Alex Subert does not solve the concern, then the student should talk to the Atkinson School Dean, Debra Ringold.

Course Evaluations: Every Atkinson School course is evaluated every year to stimulate improvement in the quality of teaching and learning in the MBA program. The information provided by students helps pinpoint specific strengths, weaknesses, and potential improvements. Students are encouraged to discuss a course with the professor at any time and do not have to wait until the conclusion of the semester to provide input about a course.

Course evaluations are administered online near the end of the semester to ensure as many students as possible complete and submit the evaluations. Students are notified in advance when course evaluations will be available.

Results are distributed to the faculty member after the recorder receives final grades for the course. Original copies of the evaluations are kept on file for three years by the Dean of the Atkinson School and remain confidential.

In accordance with the School's Faculty Personnel Policies and Procedures, course evaluations are made available to the Personnel Committee in assessing the faculty member's contributions to the School's mission. During regularly scheduled personnel reviews, the faculty member is invited to respond to the evaluations by explaining actions he or she has taken or plans to take to improve the course. These reviews also influence decisions to retain, promote, tenure, and allocate resources to the faculty member. The School treats the course evaluations seriously.

Getting the Most From Your MBA Education

Advice from Recent Graduates: Recent graduates offer the following tips for academic success at the Atkinson School:

  • Study in groups of two to six students to benefit from the support and expertise of your student colleagues.
  • Seek assistance from faculty, staff, fellow students and University resources.
  • Plan your time. Atkinson courses require a consistent effort and pace as opposed to concentrated study for short periods of time. Understanding today's lecture, formula, or case usually depends on mastering the previous assignment
  • Avoid getting bogged down in one class and letting others slip. Understand the benefits and limitations of dropping or withdrawing from a course. You may withdraw from a course any time prior to the final class meeting of that course. Seek advice from the professor and/or the Alex Subert, Senior Associate Dean, if you have questions.
  • Use the tutors.

Pursue the Tools of Knowledge, Experience and Career Management
: The Willamette MBA is a graduate professional degree. A professional degree requires a different approach than an undergraduate degree. Your success requires professional growth in three areas: knowledge, experience and career management.

Knowledge is important ...but it's not enough by itself.
Experience is important ...but it's not enough by itself.
Career management is important ... but it's not enough by itself.
It takes all three to meet your professional goals.

The best way to be sure you meet your career goals is to fully participate in all aspects of the MBA program.

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