The MBA student handbooks are guides to the current academic policies, standards, procedures and student services of the MBA programs of the Willamette University's Atkinson Graduate School of Management.

The MBA student handbook for your MBA program (see links at toward the bottom of the page) is to be used in conjunction with the Willamette University Student Rights & Responsibilities, which is your guide to the standards of conduct, policies, and procedures governing all Willamette University graduate and undergraduate students.

All Atkinson School students are expected be familiar with the MBA student handbook and the Willamette selected policies manual. As a Willamette University and Atkinson School student you are responsible for being aware of your rights and responsibilities, the academic policies and standards of conduct governing the entire Willamette University community and the Atkinson School, and the services available to you.

Although the manuals are a major source of information about the Atkinson School and Willamette University, be assured that you are always encouraged and welcome to talk to members of the faculty and staff if you have questions.

We also encourage you to share your suggestions and comments regarding policies, procedures and services with the Dean, Associate Dean, Assistant Dean, or the Atkinson School Student Affairs Committee (SAC).

The content of the Willamette MBA student handbooks is updated before fall semester each year. The content of the 2017-18 edition of the handbooks applies to fall semester 2017, spring semester 2018 and summer semester 2018. The handbook is subject to change based on administrative decisions and faculty governance.

Early Career and Career Change MBA Student Handbook

MBA for Professionals Student Handbook

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