A fall shift in facilities support services

Contact: Gary Grimm

Most technicians will shift from day to evening schedules to improve consistency and cleanliness.

In August, most facilities support technicians for academic and administrative buildings will move from day to evening schedules as part of a larger effort to improve service consistency and cleanliness of campus buildings.

Techs will be on duty and responsive to service calls during the daytime, but the majority of custodial services in all nonresidential buildings on campus will take place during swing and night shifts. The change allows techs to greatly reduce “wait time” because of scheduling conflicts and room usage.

“By working in teams during hours that most facilities are unoccupied, we’ll more efficiently and effectively service our buildings without interruptions to our students, faculty and staff,” said Tony Perez, manager of facilities services.

In addition, the schedule changes will ensure that a supervisor is available during the evening to support events, cleaning and maintenance projects as well as to provide support outside of normal business hours. Changes will also better distribute workload among staff and provide for better coverage when employees are absent.

“We’ve scheduled facilities support techs mostly on day shifts in recent years,” said Gary Grimm, associate director of facilities management. Grimm noted that the decision was difficult because of the disruption for staff but necessary to keep up with our community’s needs. “We’ve had more feedback about service consistency and overall cleanliness since crews moved primarily to day shifts,” said Grimm. “These changes will give our team more time to focus on providing our community with a safe and clean learning environment.”

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