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Willamette University

Willamette Law to celebrate its 138th Commencement on May 19

05.17.2024 | Jessica Rotter

JoAnne Brandes JD’78 to give the commencement address; Judge Norman Hill JD’94, Professor Robin Maril, and Madeline Hueske JD’24 also recognized.

Willamette University

Willamette University expands its footprint in Portland’s Pearl District to support growth in its graduate and professional programs

05.08.2024 | University Communications

The Ecotrust building, renowned for its sustainability-focused design and commitment to community engagement, will now serve as a nexus for Willamette University's Portland-based graduate and professional programs.

Willamette University

“Fifty Years in the Conflicts Vineyard” Symposium to honor Symeon C. Symeonides

05.01.2024 | Jessica Rotter

The symposium is co-hosted by Willamette University College of Law and the Conflict of Laws Section of the Association of American Law Schools

Willamette University

Willamette Law launches innovative new Immigrant Justice Scholars program

04.25.2024 | Jessica Rotter

Willamette Law introduces a groundbreaking new initiative to encourage and educate students interested in public interest immigration law.

Willamette University

Accomplishing Dreams in the Pacific Northwest

04.17.2024 | Jessica Rotter

Madeline Hueske JD’24 discusses her love of the Pacific Northwest and passion for studying law

Willamette University

A life lived for family

04.03.2024 | Sarah Bello

Remembering Haley Finney, a law student and advocate for justice who battled ovarian cancer. Her legacy inspires future law students at Willamette University.

Willamette University

Double Bearcat finds niche in global manufacturing company

03.22.2024 | Sarah Bello

Kim Medford BA’94, JD’99 finds success at manufacturing company after diverse legal career. Read her journey from litigator to general counsel to president.

Willamette University

A trailblazer for women

02.02.2024 | Sarah Bello

Discover JoAnne Brandes' journey as a trailblazing attorney and advocate for working mothers. She balanced a successful career with commitment to her family.

Willamette University

Misdemeanor Bootcamp held to help fill the gap for indigent criminal defense in Oregon

01.25.2024 | Sarah Bello

Former Oregon Supreme Court Chief Justice Paul De Muniz and Marion County Circuit Court Judge Lindsay Partridge address the shortage of Oregon public defenders.

Willamette University

Alumnus Finds Niche in Health Law

01.03.2024 | Sarah Bello

John Bauer BA’01, JD’05, Chief Legal Officer at Salem Health, shares his journey from international travels to health law and the value of diverse experiences.

Willamette University

Tomas Hernandez named Assistant Dean of Career Planning & Development

12.20.2023 | Jessica Rotter

Tomas Hernandez JD’13, Associate Director for Career Planning and Development at Willamette Law, shares his journey from military service to legal career.

Willamette University

Giving back to Willamette Law

12.14.2023 | Sarah Bello

Cecilia “Cissy” Lee JD’86 teaches Bankruptcy Law at Willamette giving back to the place that shaped her success. She discusses what inspires her to give back

Willamette University

Professor Steven Green reflects on his career, forthcoming books

12.08.2023 | Sarah Bello

Professor Steven Green discusses his forthcoming book and his career highlights

Willamette University

Willamette Law’s first Oregon Immigrant Justice Fellows make an impact

11.30.2023 | Jessica Rotter and Linda Lenhoff

The law school’s first of its kind fellowship benefits Class of 2023 grads and Oregonians alike while planning for future growth

Willamette University

Professor Susan Smith returns to scholarly roots with environmental crimes book

11.22.2023 | Sarah Bello

Explore the latest insights into environmental crimes with the publication of "Edward Elgar Research Handbook on Environmental Crimes and Criminal Enforcement."

Willamette University

Phylis Myles named Assistant Dean Emeritus

11.16.2023 | Jessica Rotter

Discover the remarkable journey of Phylis Myles, Assistant Dean of Career Planning and Development at Willamette Law, as she reflects on her career.

Willamette University

A history-making vote changes attorney licensure in Oregon

11.07.2023 | Jessica Rotter

Willamette Law has been at the forefront of attorney licensure reform – and now a new pathway to licensure is here.

Willamette University

The bar and the bench

11.03.2023 | Sarah Bello

Discover the profound impact of the Willamette Law faculty, including judges and justices, who blend real-world experience with teaching excellence.

Willamette University

Launch of JD for Life program encourages lifelong learning

10.27.2023 | Jessica Rotter

Willamette Law launches a one-of-a-kind JD for Life program enabling graduates to both audit and take academic credit courses.

Willamette University

Teaching about the importance of advocacy through hands-on learning

10.13.2023 | Jessica Rotter

Professor Sheri Buske expanded her courses beyond lectures to teach students about the essential skills of a lawyer.

Willamette University

Carrying on a family tradition

10.04.2023 | Jessica Rotter

Roscoe III JD’73 and Debra Nelson establish the Roscoe C. & Debra H. Nelson Distinguished Faculty Scholarship Award to continue a legacy of mentorship.

Willamette University

Kristi Skalman JD’20 accomplishes her dream of opening her own law firm

09.22.2023 | Jessica Rotter

After opening her own family law firm, Kristi Skalman looks back on her time in law school and how she accomplished her goals.

Willamette University

Hispanic Heritage Month: Q&A with Nairobi Aguilar JD'25

09.14.2023 | University Communications

In recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month (also known as Latinx/e Heritage Month), Willamette University asked Nairobi Aguilar JD'24, president of the Latinx Law Student Association, about why the month is meaningful.

Willamette University

A history of experiential education at Willamette Law

08.03.2023 | Jessica Rotter

Professor Emerita Valerie J. Vollmar JD’75 helped to bring experiential education to Willamette Law, now she reflects on her career.

Willamette University

Reflecting on the connection between being an artist and a law student

07.21.2023 | Jessica Rotter

From artist to law student, David Schleiffers JD’24 discusses his experience at Willamette Law.

Willamette University

Three Willamette Law professors are recognized for their teaching and scholarly achievements

06.30.2023 | Jessica Rotter

Professor Caroline Davidson, Professor Paul Diller, and Associate Dean & Professor Karen Sandrik are honored for their impact at Willamette and in the broader legal community.

Willamette University

Willamette Law announces new faculty members

06.22.2023 | Jessica Rotter

Five new faculty members join Willamette Law in the fall of 2023.

Willamette University

Willamette Law to celebrate its 137th Commencement on May 21

05.19.2023 | Jessica Rotter

Chief Judge Erin Lagesen JD'00 to give the commencement address; Professor Leroy Tornquist, Professor Caroline Davidson, and Larraina Erland also recognized.

Willamette University

Judicial Clerkship Program inspires students to consider career opportunities

05.12.2023 | Jessica Rotter

Irma Alvarez Carrillo JD’24 and Jarely Castro JD’23 participated in the ABA Judicial Clerkship Program which connected them with federal, state, and administrative judges and lawyers from across the country.

Willamette University

The College of Law receives grant to study bar exam passage rates

04.21.2023 | Jessica Rotter

A generous grant from AccessLex Institute will enable the College of Law to study how a cohort-based bar study program impacts first-time bar passage rates.

Willamette University

Exploring international children’s rights in Tanzania

04.04.2023 | Sarah Bello

Last November, Professors Sheri Buske and Susan Cook traveled nearly 10,000 miles to Arusha, Tanzania, close to the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro — and they’ll do it again in May.

Willamette University

Student strives to make change in law school and beyond

03.24.2023 | Jessica Rotter

Brooke Trujillo JD'23 talks about her path to law school and how she strives to make a difference.

Willamette University

Preparing trial-ready lawyers with the help of a community

03.03.2023 | Jessica Rotter

Willamette Law’s Intensive Trial Practice program provides students with the opportunity to learn first-hand what it takes to be a trial lawyer.

Willamette University

Corps training: From Law School Bound to the JAG Corps

02.23.2023 | Sarah Bello

Discover Henry Harder's educational journey at Willamette University, from Law School Bound to JAG Corps internships. Learn how balance led to his success.

Willamette University

Creating estate plans from start to finish

02.02.2023 | Sarah Bello

Trusts and Estates Clinic students offer their skills to Grand Ronde tribe, others

Willamette University

Students gain real-world experience through Community and Environmental Justice Law Clinic

01.19.2023 | Sarah Bello

A Willamette Law student and professor reflect on the importance of hands-on legal experience.

Willamette University

The College of Law reflects on the past year

12.29.2022 | Jessica Rotter

In 2022, Willamette University College of Law demonstrated its commitment to experiential education, equity, and inclusion, making significant strides.

Willamette University

Building a successful legal career has prominent alum reflecting on the impact of her Willamette Law education

12.15.2022 | Jessica Rotter

Lucy Jensen (JD/MBA ‘13) credits her Willamette Law education as a contributor to her success and her inspiration for supporting future generations of lawyers.

Willamette University

Exploring new paths to attorney licensure

12.09.2022 | Sarah Bello

Willamette Law shows leadership in the national conversation.

Willamette University

Willamette Law student publishes three articles on the intersection of health care and government

12.01.2022 | Jessica Rotter

Julie Parrish (JD '23) draws upon her years of experience to inform her recently published American Bar Association articles.

Willamette University

Associate Dean & Professor Sandrik explores enhanced damages in patent law

11.25.2022 | Sarah Bello

Professor and Associate Dean for Faculty Karen Sandrik discusses her recent article exploring enhanced damages in patent law.

Willamette University

Immigration Law Clinic provides 'critical' experience for developing law students

11.21.2022 | Sarah Bello

Willamette Law's Clinical Program, led by Prof. Beth Zilberman, offers hands-on experience and prepares students for working in real-world legal practices.

Willamette University

Representation at Willamette Law key to judge’s achievement

11.10.2022 | Sarah Bello

Élan Consuella Lambert JD'98 credits Willamette Law for her journey to becoming an administrative law judge emphasizing the importance of foundational education

Willamette University

Partnership with AccessLex expands Willamette Law’s direct admissions pathways

11.02.2022 | Jessica Rotter

Willamette Law adds the LexScholars Post-Baccalaureate program to direct admissions pathways.

Willamette University

Finding success in the cannabis industry

10.17.2022 | Sarah Bello

Gabriel Parton Lee JD'16 anticipated going into labor & employment law after graduation, but in 2018, his career took what could be described as a "wild" turn.

Willamette University

Professor Cunningham-Parmeter publishes research on discriminatory customer reviews

10.13.2022 | Sarah Bello

Explore the forthcoming UCLA Law Review article by Professor Keith Cunningham-Parmeter on the legal implications of customer discrimination in online reviews.

Willamette University

Professor appointed to Director of Academic Excellence

10.06.2022 | Jessica Rotter

Professor Kelly Gamble was appointed to the role of Director of Academic Excellence and oversees the Academic Excellence program.

Willamette University

Student and professor team up to draft proposal on streaming royalty for musicians — and Rolling Stone takes notice

09.29.2022 | Sarah Bello

Jordyn Wickstrom JD'24 and Professor Rohan Grey assisted with a Congressional Resolution which proposes a new streaming royalty for musicians.

Willamette University

Alumnus promoted to JAG colonel

09.22.2022 | Sarah Bello

Matthew Fitzgerald JD '02 was promoted to JAG colonel.

Willamette University

Two law professors earn promotions

09.15.2022 | Sarah Bello

Two of Willamette Law's business scholars and professors earned promotions this past March.

Willamette University

Law School Bound program offers Willamette students direct admission pathway

09.09.2022 | Jessica Rotter

The College of Law reflects on the success and future goals of the Law School Bound program.

Willamette University

Willamette Law Announces 2022 Attorney Mentor of the Year

09.01.2022 | Jessica Rotter

Paul Sundermier JD ‘82 was honored as the 2022 Mentor of the Year. He was nominated by his student mentee, Jim MacDonald JD ‘22.

Willamette University

Law student receives Oregon State Bar Labor and Employment stipend

08.25.2022 | Jessica Rotter

Tristan Kelly JD ’24 spent the summer as a law clerk at the Commons Law Center.

Willamette University

Miss Oregon, Willamette Law offer new scholarship

07.13.2022 | Jennifer Johnson

Willamette University Law introduces the Miss Oregon Law School Scholarship, benefiting contestants admitted to the program from fall 2023 onward.

Willamette University

Willamette Law announces new public interest law fellowships

06.08.2022 | Sarah Bello

Associate Dean Jeff Dobbins, inspired by his clerkship with Justice John Paul Stevens, champions public interest law fellowships at Willamette Law,

Willamette University

Professor Caroline Davidson awarded a Fulbright

06.02.2022 | Jennifer Johnson

The law professor plans to conduct research on the treatment of sexual and gender-based violence in Colombian courts.

Willamette University

The “pandemic class” of 2022

05.19.2022 | Sarah Bello

A tumultuous journey to a celebratory graduation.

Willamette University

Willamette Law to celebrate its 136th Commencement in person May 15

05.13.2022 | Sarah Bello

Judge Darleen Ortega to give the commencement address; Assistant Professor Kelly Gamble, Megann Elizabeth Meier and Derek Olson recognized.

Willamette University

Willamette Law, University of Alaska Fairbanks offer new scholarship and admission program

05.03.2022 | Jennifer Johnson

Willamette Law partners with University of Alaska Fairbanks for a 4+3 Direct Admission Program, offering scholarships and a transparent admissions process.

Willamette University

Willamette Law welcomes new law librarian

05.03.2022 | Sarah Bello

Willamette Law is pleased to announce Professor Stephanie Davidson as its new director of the law library and associate professor of law.

Willamette University

Rohan Grey visits University of Manchester

04.26.2022 | Sarah Bello

Assistant Professor Rohan Grey of Willamette Law visits University of Manchester, focusing on law, money, and technology, enhancing global financial expertise.

Willamette University

Professor Robin Morris Collin named senior advisor to the EPA

02.10.2022 | Cindy Cromwell

In her new role, Professor Robin Morris Collin will lead environmental justice efforts in communities disproportionately harmed by pollution.

Willamette University

New faculty members at Willamette Law - News

01.26.2022 | Sarah Bello

Visiting Assistant Professor Robin Maril joins full-time faculty along with Beth Zilberman

Willamette University

Application deadlines around the corner

01.19.2022 | Marketing and Communications

Apply to Willamette University's undergraduate and graduate programs in arts, science, law, management, and data science. Deadlines are approaching!

Willamette University

Willamette Law announces plan to hire additional faculty as Oregon advances alternative pathways to licensure

01.13.2022 | Sarah Bello

The Oregon Supreme Court has expressed approval of alternative pathways to the traditional bar exam, prompting Willamette Law to hire new faculty.

Willamette University

Willamette Law puts a historic end to conditional scholarships

01.10.2022 | College of Law

Moving forward all College of Law awards will be renewable based on academic good standing. This decision comes amid a national trend towards merit-based grants

Willamette University

Willamette Law grads show resilience in passing the bar

12.08.2021 | Sarah Bello

With the threat of a global pandemic and moving to fully remote classes, the Class of 2021 overcame a number of obstacles on their way to passing the bar exam.

Willamette University

Willamette Law partners with Legal Innovators

12.03.2021 | Sarah Bello

With this new partnership, students at Willamette Law will have increased access to top career opportunities.

Willamette University

How a Willamette Law Alumnus went from serving coffee to becoming Dutch Bros. General Counsel

11.15.2021 | Sarah Bello

Josh Lute JD’07 truly knows the ins and outs of Dutch Bros. Coffee. The alum went from slinging drinks at a stand to providing legal advice and assistance.

Willamette University

Willamette Law Professor Rohan Grey to teach at University of Manchester

11.04.2021 | Sarah Bello

Assistant Professor Rohan Grey from Willamette Law has been appointed as a visiting professor at the University of Manchester for December 2021.

Willamette University

COVID Vaccine Mandates — Lawful or Not?

10.19.2021 | Cindy Cromwell

Willamette Law’s Center for Constitutional Government brings together legal experts to discuss the constitutionality of COVID vaccine mandates.

Willamette University

Prosecuting homicide during the pandemic

10.18.2021 | Sarah Bello

Alum Lou Giaquinto, attorney for Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, was working on a murder trial with another prosecutor when the pandemic caused the world to pause.

Willamette University

New Chair takes the reins of Leadership Cabinet

10.18.2021 | Sarah Bello

Mark Hoyt JD’92, the former chair of the Leadership Cabinet, praises Schierhorn's leadership skills and commitment to advancing the law school.

Willamette University

Late Professor Gwynne Skinner’s book published

10.15.2021 | Sarah Bello

Late Willamette Law Professor Gwynne Skinner's book, "Transnational Corporations and Human Rights," completed posthumously, celebrates Skinner's legacy.

Willamette University

Nafziger remains an international law force

10.15.2021 | Sarah Bello

Jim Nafziger’s work reflects the importance of international and comparative law to a student’s legal education.

Willamette University

Wolff puts JD/MBA to use at Sarcos Robotics

10.15.2021 | Sarah Bello

Julie Wolff JD/MBA’95 has been the chief legal officer for Sarcos Robotics since 2015 and credits Willamette for helping her adopt a holistic approach to problem-solving.

Willamette University

Visiting Assistant Professor Brings Human Rights Experience to Willamette Law

09.21.2021 | Sarah Bello

Visiting Prof. Robin Maril brings their Human Rights Campaign experience to Willamette University to teach Constitutional and Admin & Family Law,

Willamette University

New Legal Research and Writing professor brings two decades of experience

08.23.2021 | Sarah Bello

Sheryl Buske joins the faculty at Willamette Law.

Willamette University

Salem attorney returns to Willamette to teach immigration law

08.16.2021 | Sarah Bello

Terrence Green, JD’11, returns to Willamette Law this fall to teach Immigration Law, bringing invaluable insights as a first-generation immigrant himself.

Willamette University

New Health Law Certificate Program offered at Willamette Law

08.04.2021 | Sarah Bello

The Health Law Certificate is the sixth certificate to be added by the College of Law and will focus on preparing law students for the evolving legal issues in the health care field.

Willamette University

A commitment to faculty excellence and Humanities education from two Willamette alumni

07.30.2021 | Shelby Radcliffe, Vice President for Advancement

Lindsay Stewart ’69 JD’73 and Corinne Stewart ’71 have endowed the Lindsay and Corinne Stewart Professorship in Humanities.

Willamette University

Record-breaking generosity in an extraordinary year

07.29.2021 | Shelby Radcliffe, Vice President for Advancement

When alumni, parents and friends knew of the needs and challenges faced by our community this year, they responded with an unprecedented level of support.

Willamette University

Western Oregon University and Willamette University develop program for WOU students seeking a law degree

07.21.2021 | Willamette University College of Law

The new 4+3 agreement between Western Oregon University and Willamette Law will expand access to Western Oregon students seeking to pursue a law degree.

Willamette University

Oregon governor’s general counsel set to begin teaching at Willamette Law

07.13.2021 | Sarah Bello

Willamette Law's new addition to its teaching faculty from Gov. Kate Brown’s staff. Dustin Buehler ’00, Willamette alumnus, will teach Civil Procedure.

Willamette University

Nowhere to go but up: From a low GPA to a BA, MBA and JD

07.06.2021 | Jennifer Johnson

Geoff Winkler BA ’04, JD ’06, MBA ’08 had a rocky academic beginning, but now he's CEO of American Fiduciary Services.

Willamette University

Willamette University law dean, Oregon task force recommend alternative pathways to licensure beyond traditional bar exam

06.28.2021 | Willamette University

Oregon's task force proposes alternatives to the bar exam for law grads, emphasizing experiential learning. Willamette University supports these changes

Willamette University

Willamette Law expands law clinic with new faculty appointments

06.24.2021 | Willamette University College of Law

University of Denver Sturm College of Law fellow and longtime distinguished practitioner join the College of Law faculty.

Willamette University

$2M gift to expand Willamette Law's experiential learning

06.02.2021 | Sarah Bello

Estate gift from the law school's largest individual donor, Marty Wolf ’57, LLB’60, will expand hands-on, experiential learning and curricular modernization.

Willamette University

UAA partners with Willamette University College of Law to expand Alaskans’ access to a legal education

05.28.2021 | College of Law

The new agreement between the University of Alaska Anchorage and Willamette Law will expand access to Alaskan students wishing to pursue law degrees.

Willamette University

Willamette Law focuses on developing leaders with new course

05.27.2021 | Sarah Bello

Willamette Law’s new seminar course, Lawyers & Leadership, provides a unique and individualized approach to legal education that will prepare graduates for leadership roles.

Willamette University

Willamette University celebrates Class of 2021


More than 475 students — representing the College of Arts and Sciences, Atkinson Graduate School of Management and the College of Law — graduated from Willamette University on Sunday. 

Willamette University

Willamette Law Keynote Speaker, Faculty Member of the Year, and Class of 2021 Valedictorian named

05.14.2021 | Sarah Bello

Willamette Law welcomes Justice Adrienne C. Nelson as the keynote speaker for the Spring 2021 commencement.

Willamette University

Law student becomes triple Bearcat before 25

05.11.2021 | Cindy Cromwell

Karina Salzberg’s interest in law and desire to learn how to help her future clients helped put her on a track to accomplish a remarkable achievement.

Willamette University

Willamette Law offers new courses exploring unique legal topics

05.03.2021 | Sarah Bello

Students interested in continuing their studies have the opportunity to learn about special legal topics in an accelerated course format.

Willamette University

Willamette University College of Law Faculty adopts Statement on Racism, Hate, and Violence

04.22.2021 | Willamette University College of Law

The Willamette Law faculty acknowledges the college's historic obligation to eradicate racism, hatred and violence and calls for action to achieve that end.

Willamette University

Willamette University announces new guidelines ahead of in-person fall opening

04.22.2021 | Marketing and Communications

Willamette University will once again resume in-person education this fall and anticipates a full range of on-campus activity.

Willamette University

Professor Warren Binford accepts endowed chair at University of Colorado

04.19.2021 | Sarah Bello

Professor of Law and Director of the Clinical Law Program will be leaving Willamette Law to become the inaugural W.H. Lea for Justice Endowed Chair for Pediatric Law, Ethics and Policy and Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Colorado Anschutz School of Medicine and Professor of Law at University of Colorado Law School.

Willamette University

Interest in the arts and research led grad to law degree

04.16.2021 | Jennifer Johnson

Megan Mizuta JD’21 will soon be a judicial clerk for Judge Steven Powers JD’01 at the Oregon Court of Appeals. 

Willamette University

Graduate's bright future in law started with broadcast journalism

04.16.2021 | Jennifer Johnson

After nearly a decade exploring other careers, Bruce Garrett JD’21 found the right fit in law school.

Willamette University

Symeonides completes a 30-year project and 7 books in 7 years

04.06.2021 | Sarah Bello

Dean Emeritus and Professor of Law Symeon Symeonides has completed a 30-year project. Widely described as the world's leading expert on comparative conflicts law today, Symeonides has also completed seven books in the last seven years.

Willamette University

Willamette Law highlights Signature Strengths Initiative

03.12.2021 | Willamette University College of Law

Willamette Law is pleased to announce the Signature Strengths Initiative in keeping with its historically progressive approach to legal education.

Willamette University

Faculty tenure and promotions


Board of Trustees promotes 10 professors from across the university to professor and associate professor with tenure.

Willamette University

Willamette Law announces new degree program with Portland State University

02.24.2021 | Sarah Bello

4+3 Direct Admission Program allows Portland State University students & alumni to be admitted to Willamette Law with certain academic credentials.

Willamette University

Willamette Law launches Racial Justice Task Force

02.16.2021 | Sarah Bello

After the diploma privilege ruling, members of the class of 2020 used bar study time to contribute to the profession and inform the conversation on racial justice in Oregon.

Willamette University

College of Law announces Law School Bound admission program

01.15.2021 | Willamette University College of Law

The program offers an innovative and transparent path to obtaining a legal education.

Willamette University

Willamette Law faculty appointments and transitions

01.04.2021 | Willamette University College of Law

Willamette University Law appoints Professors Karen Sandrik and David Friedman as associate deans, and Dean Laura Appleman transitions to faculty.

William Grasty

The Business Law Clinic gives a local business a needed boost

12.04.2020 | Willamette University College of Law

William Grasty JD'21 worked through the Willamette Law Business Law Clinic to give a local business a needed boost when it came to trademarking their logo.

Kirsten Parsons

Overcoming challenges through an externship at Polk County Court

10.16.2020 | Willamette University College of Law

Kirsten Parson's interest in pursuing juvenile law led to an externship that promises to have a significant impact on her future career in law.

Whale and Egan Library, image courtesy of the University of Alaska Southeast

Willamette Law launches degree pathway with University of Alaska Southeast

10.10.2020 | Willamette University College of Law

New 4+3 Direct Admission Program allows undergraduate University of Alaska Southeast students and alumni to be admitted to Willamette Law based on certain academic credentials.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Remembering U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's visit to Willamette

09.24.2020 | Willamette University College of Law

US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg visited Willamette in 2008, participating in the dedication ceremony for the Oregon Civic Justice Center.

Warren Binford, Professor of Law

Willamette Law faculty and alum recognized

09.15.2020 | Willamette University College of Law

Professor Warren Binford and Jackie Sandmeyer JD’19 to be honored by the Oregon American Constitution Society at their annual awards dinner.

Justice Hans A. Linde

Reflecting on the legacy of Justice Hans Linde

09.04.2020 | Willamette University College of Law

Hans A. Linde, longtime instructor at Willamette University College of Law, left an indelible imprint on the legal community in the state of Oregon.

susan hammer

Remembering Susan Hammer JD’76

09.02.2020 | Willamette University College of Law

Willamette mourns Susan Hammer JD'76, a pioneering lawyer, dedicated trustee, and community leader known for her commitment to mediation and service.

Waller Hall with green grass before it and a blue sky streaked with white clouds overhead

New faculty members join Willamette


New faculty include Laura Godly, Rohan Grey, Jake D. Hoskins, Eric S. Roberts, Matthew Sazima '14 and Chikaomi Takahashi. New staff is from a variety of fields.

Rohan Grey

Law School's newest professor

08.18.2020 | Sarah Bello

Professor Rohan Grey joins Willamette Law. Grey's research focuses on the legal design and regulation of money and finance.

College of Law

Staying Connected

07.27.2020 | Sarah Bello

Willamette Law adapts swiftly to COVID-19, transitioning to remote learning and planning a flexible approach for fall 2020 to prioritize student experience.

Willamette University

New dean keeps his ear to the ground and focus on the students

07.01.2020 | Sarah Bello

New Dean Brian Gallini brings advocacy, leadership, and student-centeredness to Willamette Law, fostering inclusivity and connection within the institution.

Willamette University

Curtis Bridgeman returns to law faculty

06.30.2020 | Cindy Cromwell

Bridgeman returns to the faculty after seven years in administration, serving as dean for the College of Law.

Willamette University

When passion and the right externships come together

06.23.2020 | Cindy Cromwell

Caleb Huegel JD'20 had a passion for land use law and chose to dive fully into that field through a number of externships while at Willamette Law.

Byrin Romney

Passion for protecting children leads Willamette Law student overseas

06.17.2020 | Cindy Cromwell

Byrin Romney JD'20 pursued an externship at the British Board of Film Classification to research technology and legislation to protect children from online pornography.

Willamette University

Norman Williams returns to faculty

06.11.2020 | Cindy Cromwell

Norman Williams concludes his seventh and final year as Associate Dean of Academic Affairs for the College of Law.

mosaic of graduates photos

Virtual celebration honors graduates


More than 500 students representing three schools graduated from Willamette University on Sunday. 

Professor of Law Paul Diller

Willamette College of Law offers new class on pandemic

05.04.2020 | Jennifer Johnson

Willamette College of Law offers new class on pandemic legal implications. Explore the course covering public health law and emergency legislation.

Nathaniel Woodward, JD '20

Willamette opens the door to hope and healing for College of Law standout

05.01.2020 | Tom Morlan

In the aftermath of personal loss, Nathaniel Woodward JD’20 found his calling as an advocate for accident victims and their families.

view of cherry blossom trees and empty sidewalk along the Quad

A month like no other

04.20.2020 | Jennifer Johnson

During this unprecedented time, some Willamette University departments share how the pandemic dramatically transformed their service to students, especially those who remain on campus.

Associate Professor of Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior Ashley E. Nixon

COVID-19: Perspectives and Insights


Willamette University professors respond to the pandemic by answering questions in their fields of expertise.

Front of law building with pink rhododendron in bloom

Willamette Law accepting GRE for applicants

04.06.2020 | Willamette College of Law

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and LSAT cancellations, Willamette College of Law will accept Graduate Record Exam scores for 2020 applicants.

Professor Ed Harri headshot

Remembering Professor Ed Harri

03.03.2020 | Willamette Law

Willamette law mourns the passing of beloved Professor of Law Ed Harri.

Professor Steven Green headshot

Willamette College of Law professor cited in recent Supreme Court case

02.10.2020 | Cindy Cromwell

Steven K. Green’s research generates significant media buzz as the nation’s highest court hears arguments in the case of Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue.

Tamara Palmer stands in the law library

Realizing a dream at any stage in life

01.30.2020 | Daniel Johnson

After working in various professional fields for more than 25 years, Tamara Palmer JD’21 wanted to attend law school — and donor support made it possible.

Brian Gallini photo

Brian R. Gallini named dean of Willamette University College of Law


Gallini is a professor of criminal law and director of distance learning initiatives at the University of Arkansas School of Law.

United Nations building

Willamette Law clinic students submit report to United Nations Human Rights Council

11.25.2019 | Jennifer Johnson

Willamette Law students submit a report to the U.N. Human Rights Council on U.S. children’s rights violations, a culmination of their clinical experience.

Willamette College of Law building with autumn colored trees

Willamette College of Law recognized by National Jurist Magazine


Willamette was the only law school in the Pacific Northwest to be recognized.

Symeonides drafts international model law on Internet conflicts of laws

Symeonides drafts international model law on internet conflicts of laws

10.01.2019 | Willamette College of Law

Professor Symeon C. Symeonides adds another success to his record of law reform by drafting an international model law on conflicts of laws for the IDI.

From the crowd's perspective on the Quad, five student hold signs of Willamette's motto in Latin: non nobis solum nati sumus

Willamette welcomes new classes


Undergraduate, graduate students represent dozens of states an several countries.

Faculty member talks to international students and their families at event he hosts at his house.

Willamette faculty, staff foster strong relationships with students

09.11.2019 | Jennifer Johnson

Making students feel supported and welcomed is a priority.

Alison Ecker JD’20

U.S.-Mexico border work was ‘most meaningful yet difficult’ experience in law school

08.20.2019 | Alison Ecker JD’20

Alison Ecker JD’20, pursuing a career in immigration law, joined Professor of Law Warren Binford at the border to help protect children’s rights.

Phylis Myles

Assistant dean of law placement given highest award from Oregon State Bar

08.20.2019 | Sarah Bello

Phylis Myles of Willamette Law receives the prestigious Award of Merit from the Oregon State Bar for outstanding service and commitment to diversity and equity.

Jamal Raad ’08 and Gov. Jay Inslee JD’76 in Las Vegas

From Willamette to Washington

08.14.2019 | Adam Torgerson

Jamal Raad ’08 takes on climate change as campaign communications director for presidential candidate and fellow Bearcat Gov. Jay Inslee JD’76.

Warren Binford

Living Willamette’s motto, law professor protects children’s rights

08.06.2019 | Jennifer Johnson

Warren Binford continues to shine light on children’s treatment at U.S. border facilities.

Warren Binford

Professor Binford describes conditions at the border

06.25.2019 | Tom Mayhall Rastrelli

Willamette Law’s Warren Binford and a team of lawyers find hundreds of children being neglected and living in dangerous conditions.

Dennis Koho holds a baseball

Public servant and Willamette Law alumnus Dennis Koho JD’04 dies

06.16.2019 | Sarah Bello

Law partner Eleanor Beatty JD’04 and alumna Sara Kendrick JD’15 recall the former mayor of Keizer’s generosity and care.

caylee campbell

Tipping the scales of justice

05.14.2019 | Tom Morlan

From empowering teen moms to fighting child exploitation. Caylee Campbell JD’19 is making a difference. Willamette University grad making strides for justice.

law students converse at a table in the law library

Willamette Law number one in Oregon for graduate employment

04.22.2019 | Sarah Bello

Willamette Law grads excel in job placement, with over 80% in top-tier positions. The Placement Office offers personalized support and mentorship.

Curtis Bridgeman

Bridgeman to step down as law dean

04.17.2019 | President Steve Thorsett

After the 2019–20 academic year, Curtis Bridgeman will return to teaching at Willamette Law.

Rebecca Kueny JD’13 and Jason LeBlanc JD’19

Willamette Law names 2019 Mentor of the Year

04.09.2019 | University Communications

Jason LeBlanc JD’19 nominated Rebecca Kueny JD’13 for Mentor of the Year, praising her unwavering support during law school. Kueny specializes in elder law.

Lynn Nakamoto, College of Law Commencement speaker 2018

Commencement speakers, honorary degrees announced

04.02.2019 | University Communications

At Willamette's commencement, honorary degrees will be awarded to Punit Renjen and Dame Susan Jocelyn Bell Burnell. Jonathan Mayes will speak to graduates.

Gov. Kate Brown and former Gov. Barbara Roberts

Oregon governors explore inclusion and overcoming challenges

03.13.2019 | Jennifer Johnson

Law students bring Oregon governors to share experiences for Women’s History Month in diversity speaker series.

Students pack food for Global Day of Service

Bearcats team up for third annual Global Day of Service

03.13.2019 | Paul McKean ’11

Willamette community unites to live out the university motto through service projects across the country and overseas.

Norma Paulus JD’62

Remembering Norma Paulus LLB’62, Oregon’s first woman secretary of state

03.06.2019 | University Communications

Norma J. Paulus, a Willamette College of Law graduate, leaves behind a legacy of advocacy for women’s rights, education, and environmental protection.

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown and former Gov. Barbara Roberts

Oregon’s woman governors to speak on campus

03.01.2019 | Jennifer Johnson

Oregon's only female governors, Kate Brown and Barbara Roberts, will speak at Willamette College of Law's Daniel P. Santos Diversity Speaker Series on March 7.

Neil Berquist ’09, MBA ’10

The future of the digital economy

02.26.2019 | Daniel F. Le Ray

Alumni and faculty discuss the technology behind cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and how digital economies may be quietly revolutionizing the business world.

Melissa Buis Michaux

Faculty receive promotions or tenure

02.26.2019 | University Communications

Faculty from all three colleges recognized for teaching excellence, scholarly accomplishment.

AJ Alley stands with his original carbon fiber Speed Phreak bicycle

Law graduate founds sports technology company

02.10.2019 | Sarah Bello

Willamette Law grad AJ Alley JD’13 founded A-Squared Bikes, providing affordable options for triathletes. Legal training guides his business strategy.

Chris Garrett

Willamette Law adjunct professor appointed to Oregon Supreme Court

01.23.2019 | Sarah Bello

Gov. Kate Brown recently named Justice Chris Garrett to the court.

Bruce Williams

Legendary Oregon attorney, Willamette alumnus dies

01.16.2019 | J.R. Tarabocchia

Bruce Williams BA’40, JD’48 was an enormous influence to generations of Oregon lawyers.

Headshot of Teresa Miller JD'02

Willamette Law alumna Teresa Miller JD'02 leads Pennsylvania DHS

11.28.2018 | Jennifer Johnson

As Pennsylvania's new Secretary of the Department of Human Services, Teresa Miller JD'02 says her learning curve has been steep but rewarding.

Ryan Collier and Stephanie Palmblad pose for a photo

Willamette Law alumni honored with OSB awards

11.20.2018 | Logan English

The Oregon State Bar (OSB) recognized three Willamette Law alumni at its annual awards luncheon on Nov. 7.

Oregon State Capitol

2018 Election results for Willamette Law graduates and students

11.08.2018 | Logan English

In the 2018 elections, several graduates — as well as a current student — of Willamette University’s College of Law ran for elected positions.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski greets two students with a handshake.

Willamette Law hosts ‘A Conversation with Senator Murkowski’

11.07.2018 | Logan English

Sen. Lisa Murkowski JD’85 returns to her alma mater for an interactive evening with Willamette students.

Two Willamette Law students land D.C. externships

Two Willamette Law students land D.C. externships

11.01.2018 | Jennifer Johnson

Emily Lohman JD'19 and Taylor VanScoy JD'18 landed these externships — an experience that cannot be replicated in a classroom.

Trevor Byrd and Adin Johnson stand before the bench

Students named winners of Don Turner Moot Court Competition

10.30.2018 | Logan English

After four nights of competition, judges named Adin Johnson and Trevor Byrd, third-year Willamette Law students, as winners.

Curtis Bridgeman stands in front of the entrance to Willamette University School of Law

Bridgeman named to Wendt Chair in Business Law


Curtis Bridgeman, dean of the Willamette University College of Law, has been appointed to the Roderick and Carol Wendt Chair in Business Law.

BEAST Program

Passing the bar with the help of BEAST

10.26.2018 | Jennifer Johnson

BEAST — a volunteer, around-the-clock effort by the entire law community helps bar examinees succeed.

Karen Sandrik and Vincent Chiappetta Business Lawyering Institute

Willamette Law’s Business Lawyering Institute: The Business of Law

10.19.2018 | Christopher Tritto

Willamette’s new Business Lawyering Institute prepares tomorrow’s attorneys for a changing world.

WUCL Spring Exterior

July 2018 Bar Exam Results

10.08.2018 | Logan English

Willamette University College of Law graduates received results from the July 2018 Bar Exam.

President Thorsett shakes the hand of a new student

Willamette welcomes new students

09.04.2018 | University communications

Undergraduate and graduate students represent 30 states and several countries.

Dean Bridgeman and new 1L students sit in chairs arranged in a circle

Willamette Law welcomes largest class in last five years

08.29.2018 | Logan English

Welcome Class of 2021 to Willamette Law! Largest incoming class in 5 years, with diverse backgrounds & experiences ready to make a difference.

Headshots of the seven faculty award winners

2018 Faculty Awards announced


The university celebrated seven outstanding faculty members at Opening Convocation.

Vice President Shelby Radcliffe

Campus update on advancement


VP Shelby Radcliffe provides an overview of FY18 progress.

Joni Roberts, Gordy Toyama, Ashley Town Stovin, Chris Sabato. Don Tompson, Jim Ames, Sarah Kutten, Ron Jones

Willamette recognizes staff for outstanding service to the university

06.01.2018 | Jennifer Johnson

Eight employees receive Employee of the Year Awards, including the inaugural Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Award.

drawing of Scrabble-like letter tiles scattered on a game board with some tiles spelling “Questions of Truth”

Questions of Truth

05.29.2018 | Tina Owen

Willamette faculty and staff discuss how the university prepares students to separate fact from fiction in an information-saturated world.

Law graduate gets embraced by woman with a rose

Willamette celebrates the Class of 2018


Willamette University's 2018 commencement ceremonies: Graduates embrace the future as key speakers share wisdom on openness, perseverance, and community.

Andy Blevins

Willamette students receive scholarship for supporting LGBT rights

05.07.2018 | Jennifer Johnson

Andy Blevins JD’19, MBA’19 and Carrie Elmore JD’19 receive the Bill and Ann Shepherd Legal Scholarship for their advocacy for LGBTQ rights in Oregon.

Willamette announces commencement speakers, honorary degree recipients

04.23.2018 | Adam Torgerson

Former governor, community leaders to speak at graduation ceremony

Professor of Law Laura Appleman sits at a table with three students having a discussion

Law Professor Laura Appleman appointed to named professorship

04.16.2018 | Russell Yost MBA’05

She will become the Van Winkle Melton Professor of Law.

Willamette Law Dean Curtis Bridgeman hands Salem attorney Nani Apo JD’13 the 2018 Mentor of the Year award.

Mentor of the Year provides a “home away from home” to students

04.13.2018 | Jennifer Johnson

Willamette Law selects Nani Apo JD’13, honors three others for Hon. Mary Mertens James award.

Megan Hinzdel

Fresh start focuses career on inclusion

03.30.2018 | Jennifer Johnson

Megan Hinzdel, JD’18, embraced diversity at Willamette Law, leading OUTlaw and promoting equity. Now, she joins SAIF Corporation as a trial attorney.

Andy Blevins

JD/MBA student who advocates for LGBTQ rights presents at Harvard

03.26.2018 | Jennifer Johnson

Andy Blevins JD/MBA’19 invited to speak on panel with legal experts.

ACS Next Generation Leaders

Two Willamette Law students take on national leadership roles

03.22.2018 | Russell Yost MBA’05

Shelby Smith and Erin Roycroft will serve as Next Generation Leaders for the American Constitution Society.

Warren Binford

Professor Binford comments on sanctuary state jurisdictions

03.08.2018 | Russell Yost MBA’05

Comments by Attorney General Jeff Sessions about blocking portions of California laws may also affect Oregon.

Jim Griggs '71, JD'75 and Bob Saalfeld JD'74 spent the last 40 years working together at their law practice, Saalfeld & Griggs, in Salem.

Saalfeld and Griggs take a break

02.16.2018 | Sarah Carlson

After practicing together for 40 years, the two prominent Salem attorneys make retirement their resolution for the new year.

Members of the editorial board of the Social Justice and Equity Law Journal (from L to R: Felipe Rendón, Andy Blevins, Megan Oshiro and Christian Muro).

Social Justice and Equity Law Journal publishes first issue

01.31.2018 | Sarah Carlson

Students formed the journal in fall 2016 to contribute to society’s understanding of legal and policy issues concerning topics such as race, class, gender and sexuality.

Updates to online Financial Aid Self Service tool


Students will be able to view and accept awards online through the new system.

Traci McDowall is a third-year law student at Willamette Law.

Third-year Law student wins OWLS Armonica Grant

01.05.2018 | Sarah Carlson

The Oregon Women Lawyers Foundation (OWLS) awarded Willamette Law 3L Traci McDowall an Armonica Grant at a luncheon near the end of November.

Adjunct Professor Scott Beckstead has been teaching a class on wildlife law and the Endangered Species Act at Willamette’s College of Law since 2010.

In class — ‘Law 263: Animal Law’

12.20.2017 | Tina Owen

Scott Beckstead’s College of Law class explores how pets, wildlife and farm animals are regarded and treated under the law.

Professor Warren Binford

Law professor receives US Alumni TIES grant

12.13.2017 | Kendra Mingo

Warren Binford receives grant to combat trafficking of child sex abuse images online.

Law Professor Gwynne Skinner passed away December 11, 2017.

Remembering Professor Gwynne Skinner

12.12.2017 | Sarah Carlson

Willamette Law is saddened to announce the passing of one of its most gracious, enthusiastic and accomplished professors.

Blitz the Bearcat with a laptop

Portal to replace website gateway pages


Learn about the transition from Willamette University's website gateway pages to the WU Portal, providing customized access to tools and applications.


Next Cookies and Conversation planned for Tuesday


Afternoon casual conversation with university leadership open to all students.

Law Prof. Keith Cunningham-Parmeter was quoted in a MarketWatch story November 14.

Law professor comments on Uber and its employees in MarketWatch story

11.16.2017 | Sarah Carlson

In the US, ride-sharing service Uber’s employees are independent contractors. A UK court ruled last week that Uber drivers there are workers — not independent contractors — and are therefore eligible for more rights, such as a minimum wage.

Nat Levy (L), runner-up of the Don Turner Moot Court Competition, stands next to the winners, Conor McCahill and Autumn Mills.

Third-year law students named winners of Don Turner Moot Court Competition

11.15.2017 | Sarah Carlson

Following the fourth night of competition last week, the judges recognized third-year law students Autumn Mills and Conor McCahill as the winners of the annual Don Turner Moot Court Competition.

Law Prof. Laura Appleman was quoted in an Oregonian story November 11.

Prof. Laura Appleman comments in story on so-called Portland “copwatchers”

11.13.2017 | Sarah Carlson

Prof. Laura Appleman comments on the implications of activists visiting public officials' homes. Willamette University College of Law offers top legal education

Three 1Ls represented Willamette Law's APALSA student group at the NAPABA Convention: (L to R) Alex Dooley JD'20, Megan Irinaga JD'20 and Noelle Chan JD'20.

NAPABA Convention a success for Willamette Law students

11.10.2017 | Sarah Carlson

Five Willamette Law students represented the school in great fashion last weekend at the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association (NAPABA) Convention.

David Friedman is a business law professor at Willamette Law.

Final sticker price is what matters, says Prof. David Friedman in holiday advertising story

11.08.2017 | Sarah Carlson

With Thanksgiving and Black Friday just a couple of weeks away, Willamette Law Prof. David Friedman commented in a national Magnify Money story this week on holiday advertising.

Third-year JD/MBA student Andy Blevins serves the LGBTQ military community through his work as an extern at OutServe-SLDN.

Law student and veteran serves LGBTQ military community through fall externship, work on transgender ban lawsuit

11.06.2017 | Sarah Carlson

Third-year JD/MBA student Andy Blevins’ first encounter with OutServe-SLDN occurred in the navy as a cryptologic technician from 2007-11.

Judge Beth Allen JD'96 was surprised with the OGALLA Community Service Award at the organization's annual dinner October 20. She also won the Chief Justice's Juvenile Court Champion Award in August.

Judge Beth Allen JD’96 wins recent awards

11.02.2017 | Sarah Carlson

Judge Beth Allen JD’96 now knows how well her friends can keep secrets from her. The Willamette Law alumna was surprised this fall with not one, but two awards for her work in the community and judiciary.

Erin Greenawald JD'98 (middle), domestic violence resource prosecutor for the Oregon Department of Justice, conducts a training on domestic and sexual violence at the Sexual Assault Training Institute. Pictured with her is Steve Bellshaw, deputy chief of the Salem Police Department, and Jodie Bureta JD'03, former Marion County District Attorney's Office prosecutor and now an employee of the Department of Justice.

Willamette Law alumna seeks to make an impact in domestic violence prosecution

11.01.2017 | Sarah Carlson

Although born and raised in Newport, Oregon, Erin Greenawald JD’98 would tell you she “grew up,” professionally, in the Marion County District Attorney’s (MCDA) office.

Law Prof. Paul Diller submitted an amicus curiae brief to the Supreme Court for the case Gill v. Whitford. He was assisted by 2L Mick Harris.

Prof. Paul Diller submits amicus curiae brief to Supreme Court

10.25.2017 | Sarah Carlson

Willamette Law Prof. Paul Diller recently submitted an amicus curiae brief to the Supreme Court for the case Gill v. Whitford, which was argued Oct. 3.

Law Prof. Andrew Gilden was quoted in an Oct. 21 parenting column in a western New York newspaper.

Parenting column quotes Prof. Andrew Gilden

10.23.2017 | Sarah Carlson

The column’s author, Michelle Blackley Glynn, asked whether parents should protect the digital identity of their children by limiting posts and pictures about them on the internet and social media.

Law Prof. Jeff Dobbins was quoted in an Oct. 18 Portland Tribune story. He teaches civil procedure at Willamette Law.

Portland Tribune quotes Prof. Jeff Dobbins in story on opioid lawsuits

10.20.2017 | Sarah Carlson

The Statesman Journal quoted Laura Appleman, professor of criminal law, in a Tuesday story on potential juror misconduct.

Law Prof. Laura Appleman was quoted in a Statesman Journal story October 17.

Prof. Laura Appleman quoted in Statesman Journal story

10.17.2017 | Sarah Carlson

The Statesman Journal quoted Laura Appleman, professor of criminal law, in a Tuesday story on potential juror misconduct.


Cookies and Conversation planned for Tuesday


All Willamette students invited to join university leaders for this monthly event.

Network password update needed

Mandatory password change for everyone


Members of the university community must change their Willamette network passwords by Oct. 17.

Willamette Law students elected Felipe Rendón, Thomas Ybarra and Kelsey Dodds presidents of their respective classes.

Law classes elect new officers for 2017-18 academic year

10.03.2017 | Sarah Carlson

There were runoff elections for the 3L secretary/treasurer, 1L president and second vice president of SBA, but by Sept. 26, the votes were finalized.

Law Prof. Keith Cunningham-Parmeter was quoted in a Portland Tribune story Sept. 28.

Law Prof. Keith Cunningham-Parmeter quoted in Portland Tribune story

10.02.2017 | Sarah Carlson

The labor law professor spoke about an upcoming U.S. Supreme Court case dealing with mandatory union fees.

Willamette Law is located just across the street from state and local government agencies.

First-year law student quoted in Statesman Journal and AP news stories

09.29.2017 | Sarah Carlson

Samantha Klausen JD’20 attended the Salem City Council meeting Monday to speak out against the proposed sit-lie ordinance.

Jack Wray JD'19 and his fiancé, Crista Coven, traveled to Europe this summer so Wray could complete a study abroad program in Venice.

Law student spends eight weeks in Europe studying abroad

09.27.2017 | Sarah Carlson

Jack Wray JD’19 traveled across the globe — 5,628 miles to be exact — to study law this summer.

(L to R) James Sullivan and Sarah Lowe defeated Priscilla Shaikh and Ted Hammers in the AAJ Moot Court Competition. All of the students are in their third year at Willamette Law.

AAJ Moot Court Competition names winners

09.22.2017 | Sarah Carlson

The American Association for Justice Moot Court Competition concluded September 14, with the duo of James Sullivan and Sarah Lowe named the winners.

Jennifer Brown JD'08 was the Attorney-Mentor of the year in 2016-17.

Attorney-Mentor Program kicks off 2017–18 academic year

09.21.2017 | Sarah Carlson

The Willamette Law Placement Office matched 110 students with attorney mentors for the 2017-18 school year.

Alumni Weekend ’17

Alumni Weekend reunites and reconnects


The campus community worked together to create a memorable, meaningful weekend for alumni.

Willamette welcomes incoming students

09.04.2017 | University Communications

Undergraduate, graduate students represent dozens of states and several foreign countries.

JD/MBA student Emily Dougherty

JD/MBA student learns adaptability is key to opportunities with joint degree

08.31.2017 | Sarah Carlson

From her room in South Korea, Emily Dougherty types out an email describing her experiences in the JD/MBA program at Willamette University. A third-year student in the four-year program, Dougherty relishes the time when she can do what she loves best — traveling.

Veteran and Willamette Law/MBA student Andy Blevins

Law student Andy Blevins is first runner-up for National LGBT Bar Student Leadership Award

08.25.2017 | Sarah Carlson

Third-year Willamette JD/MBA student Andy Blevins nominated a fellow student for the Student Leadership Award given by the National LGBT Bar Association. That student didn’t win, but Blevins was named the first runner-up.

Law Professors Karen Sandrik and Peter Molk received university awards at the Willamette University convocation ceremony this week.

Two Willamette Law faculty receive university awards

08.24.2017 | Sarah Carlson

Law Professors Karen Sandrik and Peter Molk received university awards at the Willamette University convocation ceremony this week.

faculty awards 2017 Willamette university

2017 Faculty Awards announced


Seven outstanding faculty members honored at Opening Convocation.

Members of the Class of 2020 enjoyed a reception with family members during their week of orientation in mid-August.

Willamette Law welcomes Class of 2020

08.22.2017 | Sarah Carlson

Willamette Law welcomes its most diverse class yet, with more female students and a higher LSAT profile. The cohort boasts many varied backgrounds.

person looking at total solar eclipse Willamette University

‘Phenomenon on the Lawn’ — Willamette celebrates the eclipse


Read about Willamette University's celebration of the total solar eclipse, drawing crowds to the North Lawn and Quad for a memorable viewing experience.

Lee and York house renovation

Renovation updates Lee, York houses with more contemporary design

08.21.2017 | University Communications

Willamette University remodels buildings and relocates staff over the summer.

Jennifer Trundy JD'19 completed her walk on a route of the Camino de Santiago in May. Here, she stands, just finished with her walk, in Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

Nontraditional student walks Camino de Santiago and continues path through law school

07.21.2017 | Sarah Carlson

After spending 15 years as the wife of a military officer and building a resume with a list of varied jobs, Jennifer Trundy started law school at age 48.

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown appointed two Willamette Law alumni to open judge positions this week.

Two Willamette Law alumni appointed judges

07.13.2017 | Sarah Carlson

Steven R. Powers JD’01 was named to the Oregon Court of Appeals and Christopher A. Ramras JD’96 was named to position 15 on the Multnomah County Circuit Court.

Waller Hall at Willamette University

Fundraising brought in $17.785M for 2016–17


Gifts recognize the university’s past and future impact, will enhance the student experience.

Naomi Haslitt JD'07 was named to the 2017 Forty Under 40 list by the Portland Business Journal.

Naomi Haslitt JD’07 named one of “Forty Under 40” by Portland Business Journal

06.26.2017 | Sarah Carlson

Haslitt was the only person on the list with a Willamette University or Willamette Law education.

Willamette University Commencement

A historic commencement

05.14.2017 | Tina Owen

Willamette’s three colleges celebrate their students’ achievements.

Second-year Jackie Sandmeyer is a part-time Willamette Law student who received the Bill and Ann Shepherd Legal Scholarship from OGALLA.

Rising 2L Jackie Sandmeyer awarded Shepherd Legal Scholarship

05.08.2017 | Sarah Carlson

Jackie Sandmeyer works full-time and goes to law school, dedicating most days to the LGBTQ community and constantly striving to find ways to give back.

Lauren Sharkey

Putting her heart and soul into law

05.01.2017 | Jennifer Johnson

Lauren Sharkey ’15, JD’17, the second graduate of Willamette College of Law’s 3+3 program, hopes to use the law to improve people’s lives.

Leonard Pitts, Jr.

Willamette announces 2017 Commencement speakers, honorary degree recipients

04.18.2017 | Adam Torgerson

Leonard Pitts Jr. to deliver CLA address.

Salem attorney Jennifer Brown JD'08 (far right) stands with her Willamette Law student mentees (l to r): 2L Brittany Sumner, 1L Will Riddell, and 3L Shelby Thomas.

Willamette Law chooses Attorney Mentor of the Year

04.14.2017 | Sarah Carlson

Willamette Law named Salem attorney Jennifer Brown its Mentor of the Year at a reception April 5.

James Sullivan, a second-year law student, discusses the mock trial with Salem-area high school students who attended the Discover Law spring break program at Willamette Law.

Street Law holds mock trial program for local high school students

04.10.2017 | Sarah Carlson

Salem-Keizer high school students learned about the legal process and argued a mock case before an Oregon Court of Appeals judge.

Willamette sets 2017–18 tuition and fees


CLA tuition increase is a historic low for the university.

Nani Apo JD'13 earned her JD and certificate in dispute resolution from Willamette Law and now works for the Oregon Department of Justice.

Certificate in Dispute Resolution beneficial for all law students, alumnae say

03.31.2017 | Sarah Carlson

Working as a receptionist at a veterinary hospital in Portland, Nani Apo JD’13 heard all kinds of complaints.

Six faculty granted tenure for 2017–18 academic year


The university recognized Anna Cox, Brandi Row Lazzarini, Roy Pérez, Abigail Susik, Karen Sandrik and Kawika Pierson for their teaching, scholarship and service.

Willamette Law's Jonathan Mayes JD'87 appointed chief diversity officer for Albertsons Cos.

03.15.2017 | Sarah Carlson

Mayes has worked for Safeway and Albertsons since 1994.

Oregon Supreme Court Justice Jack Landau addresses the audience following a hearing March 3, 2017.

Oregon Supreme Court hears two cases at Willamette Law

03.06.2017 | Sarah Carlson

College of Law students learn protocol, ask questions and watch real cases argued before the court.

The 2016 recipients of WUPILP fellowships were (left to right): Paloma Dale, Erin Roycroft, Melissa Vollono, Olivia Godt and Jessica Ismond.

Training grounds for good

02.23.2017 | Raymond Penney

The public interest law project serves a dual purpose: train tomorrow's lawyers and serve the community.

April Stone, a first-year student at Willamette Law, will travel to Austria in March as the head coach for the US National Special Olympics snowboarding team at the World Winter Games. (Aubrey Aden-Buie/Special Olympics)

From the slopes to the courtroom

02.21.2017 | Sarah Carlson

Like a snowboarding course, first-year law student April Stone's path to Willamette has been a winding and sometimes difficult path.

Willamette Law’s Chad Sleight JD’03 was appointed Clark County (Washington) District Court judge, beginning the position in March 2017.

Willamette Law’s Chad Sleight JD’03 appointed Clark County (Washington) District Court judge

02.15.2017 | Sarah Carlson

The Clark County council appointed Sleight to the position after interviewing four candidates. He begins in March.

Law Prof. Steve Green teaches at Willamette University College of Law.

Law Prof. Steve Green discusses Johnson Amendment on RadioWest

02.09.2017 | Sarah Carlson

Willamette Law’s Prof. Steve Green was on Utah radio station RadioWest February 7 to discuss the Johnson Amendment and President Donald Trump’s promise to do away with it.

Salem attorney Christine Moehl presents at the Equity in Health Law Symposium February 3 at Willamette University College of Law.

Law Symposium brings health law community to campus

02.07.2017 | Sarah Carlson

The Willamette Law Review held its annual Law Symposium February 3, highlighting the topic “Equity in Health Law.”

Willamette University 175th anniversary

Willamette Day celebration events


Here are the events that kick off a yearlong celebration of Willamette’s past, present and future. Join in the festivities that begin Wednesday.

Law Prof. Jeff Dobbins was on OPB Wednesday to discuss President Trump's SCOTUS nominee.

Law Prof. Dobbins on OPB to talk President Trump's SCOTUS nominee

01.27.2017 | Sarah Carlson

Dobbins and Lisa McElroy, associate professor at Drexel University School of Law, spoke about the four people whose names have been floated around as Trump’s short list: William Pryor, 54, Diane Sykes, 59, Neil Gorsuch, 49, and Thomas Hardiman, 51.

Willamette Law was named to preLaw Magazine's Most Diverse Law Schools list in 2017.

Willamette Law named to pre-Law Magazine’s Most Diverse law school list

01.20.2017 | Sarah Carlson

Willamette was one of 60 schools on the list and the only Oregon school recognized.

Richard Epstein

Constitutional interpretation discussed by legal scholar Richard Epstein in Willamette Law lecture

01.13.2017 | Sarah Carlson

Epstein will discuss how the Supreme Court deciphers the Constitution in his lecture "Our Implied Constitution."

The Scale of Justice rests in a courtroom.

Willamette Law alumnus Trevor Stephens ’81, JD’85 reappointed to Superior Court in Ketchikan, Alaska

01.04.2017 | Sarah Carlson

The appointment was made in late December of 2016 by Alaska Chief Justice Craig Stowers and will be for a one-year term, eligible for reappointment.

Willamette Law alumnus Paul Stritmatter JD'69

Small-town whirlwind makes waves on Washington coast

12.21.2016 | Andrew Faught

The long and impactful career of Paul Stritmatter JD'69 proves you don't have to live in a large metropolis to make it big.

David Friedman

Business Law Professor Friedman's work cited in recent lawsuits

12.13.2016 | Sarah Carlson

Friedman's work, "Reconsidering Fictitious Pricing," was cited in lawsuits alleging false reference pricing at four major retailers.

Ray Baum

Willamette Law alumnus Baum JD’83 appointed staff director for House committee

12.12.2016 | Sarah Carlson

U.S. Rep. Greg Walden named Willamette Law alumnus Ray Baum JD’83 staff director of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

Valeri Love and Megan Livermore

OSB award winners include Willamette Law alumnae

12.09.2016 | Sarah Carlson

The Honorable Valeri L. Love MBA'92, JD'95 and Megan I. Livermore JD'05 were honored at an awards luncheon Dec. 8.

David M. Goldthorpe

Willamette Law's Goldthorpe JD'09 appointed to Malheur County district attorney

12.08.2016 | Sarah Carlson

Gov. Kate Brown appointed Willamette Law alumnus David M. Goldthorpe J’'09 to Malheur County district attorney Dec. 2.

Gaby Perez-Mendoza and Bailey Moody

Two Willamette Law students awarded grants

11.22.2016 | Sarah Carlson

Third-year Willamette Law students Gaby Perez-Mendoza and Bailey Moody each received $1000 Armonica Grants from the Oregon Women Lawyers Foundation on Nov. 4.

The Scale of Justice rests in a courtroom.

Alicia LeDuc chosen as winner of Don Turner Moot Court Competition

11.16.2016 | Sarah Carlson

Participants in the Don Turner Moot Court Competition finished their arguments and the winner was chosen on Nov. 10.

Veteran and Willamette Law/MBA student Andy Blevins

Catalyst for change

11.11.2016 | Raymond Penney

Veteran and Willamette Law/MBA student Andy Blevins re-arms himself with tools to change the armed forces community.

U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska)

2016 Election results for Willamette Law graduates

11.09.2016 | Sarah Carlson

College of Law alumni running in the Nov. 8 elections saw both wins and losses in the polls.

Norman Williams

Willamette Law’s Norman Williams quoted on electoral college in Christian Science Monitor

11.04.2016 | Sarah Carlson

Associate Dean and Professor of Law Norman Williams commented in a Christian Science Monitor story on the prevalence of the current voting system.

Students asked to update emergency contact information

10.17.2016 | Tom Mayhall Rastrelli

All students will be required to update their information before registering for classes.

Students practice in the moot courtroom

NAAC moot court competition names winners

10.17.2016 | Sarah Carlson

Willamette University College of Law hosted the annual National Appellate Advocacy Competition last week, where students argued a criminal matter in front of judges.

Sharon Holbrook

Sharon Holbrook JD’01 appointed to Colorado district judgeship

10.06.2016 | Sarah Carlson

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper appointed Willamette Law alumna Sharon Holbrook JD’01 to district judge for the Colorado District Court in the 17th Judicial District.

Jeffrey Dobbins

Law Professor Dobbins on OPB to comment on Supreme Court term this fall

10.06.2016 | Sarah Carlson

Law Professor Jeffrey Dobbins discussed the U.S. Supreme Court vacancy left open by the sudden death of Associate Justice Antonin Scalia and the court’s term that began this week.

Danny Santos

Willamette Law's Danny Santos JD'86 named to Southern Oregon University Board of Trustees

10.05.2016 | Sarah Carlson

The Oregon Senate confirmed Danny Santos JD’86, Willamette alumnus and former associate dean for student affairs and administration, to the Southern Oregon University Board of Trustees on September 22.

Jim Green

Willamette Law's Jim Green JD'91 named executive director of Oregon School Boards Association

09.27.2016 | Sarah Carlson

Dr. Doug Nelson, president of the OSBA Board of Directors, said Green is uniquely qualified for the position.

Warren Binford

Law Professor Binford comments on growing conversation on sexual assault in Portland music community

09.26.2016 | Sarah Carlson

A community meeting was held last week to discuss solutions to what some are saying is an escalating problem in the Portland community.

Lauren Barnes and Stacey Gibbons

Winners chosen in Spaulding Trial Competition

09.23.2016 | Sarah Carlson

The College of Law's Bruce Spaulding Trial Competition concluded with Lauren Barnes and Stacey Gibbons as winners. Learn about this event at Willamette Law.

James Sullivan, Katherine Gipson McLean and Thomas Ybarra

Student Bar Association elects new class officers

09.23.2016 | Sarah Carlson

Willamette Law’s Student Bar Association held elections this week and elected new officers for each class.

Jeffrey Dobbins

Law Professor Dobbins quoted in Oregon Business article on Aequitas Capital lawsuit

09.22.2016 | Sarah Carlson

Willamette Law Professor Jeffrey Dobbins commented in an Oregon Business article regarding the class-action lawsuit filed against Aequitas Capital.

Jeffrey Dobbins and Symeon Symeonides

College of Law faculty receive institutional awards

09.22.2016 | Sarah Carlson

Dobbins was given the Jerry E. Hudson Award for Excellence in Teaching. Symeonides was given the Robert L. Misner Award for Law Faculty Scholarship.

Professors Meyers, Simowitz and Gilden at Willamette University College of Law

College of Law hires three new faculty members

09.19.2016 | Sarah Carlson

Professors Gilden, Simowitz and Meyers join the College of Law's faculty of dedicated teachers and leading legal scholars.

Melodye Mac Alpine

College of Law welcomes new associate dean for Student Affairs and Administration

09.16.2016 | Sarah Carlson

Focused on student success, self-proclaimed "policy nerd" to dig in and find what works best for our law students.

David A. Friedman

Law Professor Friedman quoted in Associated Press article on settlement of Oregon v. Oracle lawsuit

09.15.2016 | Sarah Carlson

Willamette Associate Professor of Law David Friedman commented on the resolution of the Oregon v. Oracle lawsuit in a September 15 Associated Press story.

Jim and Pat Averill

College of Law donors invest in value of moving forward

09.12.2016 | Sarah Carlson

Consistency has proven key for Jim Averill, ‘70, JD’73 and his wife, Pat. For 34 years, the Averills have given to the Willamette University Law Annual Fund, with 27 of those years being consecutive.

New Faculty Willamette University

Willamette welcomes new tenure-track faculty members

09.12.2016 | University Communications

They join several departments in CLA, Law and AGSM.

Steven Williams

Willamette Law's Steven Williams JD’96 promoted to assistant vice president and associate counsel

08.31.2016 | Sarah Carlson

In his new position, Williams will lead the ISG Legal department, supporting The Standard and The Standard Life Insurance Company of New York.

Robert Krulwich Willamette University Opening Days speaker

Convocation speaker addresses life’s great mysteries

08.29.2016 | Jennifer Johnson

Robert Krulwich of Radiolab urges first-year students to cultivate wonder about the world.

Rick's Cafe

College of Law welcomes updated Rick's Café: New coffee, lunch items

08.22.2016 | Sarah Carlson

The College of Law get a welcomed boost from new management, professional staff, Caffe Umbria beans and new grab-and-go lunch options.

Danny Santos Retirement Party

Willamette Law celebrates Associate Dean Santos

08.22.2016 | University Communications

Students, alumni and colleagues gathered to recognize Danny Santos' service to Willamette.

John B. Kern

Willamette Law's John Kern JD/MM’94 goes head-to-head with International Olympic Committee

08.19.2016 | Sarah Carlson

Willamette alumnus John Kern jumped through legal obstacles of Olympic proportions, and finished first to save the dream of a world-class athlete.

Caroline Davidson

Law Professor Davidson quoted in Statesman Journal on lasting impact of Oregon v. Rideout

08.16.2016 | Patrick Riedling

Willamette law professor Caroline Davidson discusses how rape trials have changed in the 38 years since the landmark spouse rape case in 1978.

Symeon Symeonides

Symeonides honored, teaches course at prestigious international law academy in Europe

08.15.2016 | College of Law Communications

Law Professor Symeon Symeonides is one of only six American law professors chosen to teach the general course at The Hague Academy of International Law.

Kelly Cole JD'96

Willamette Law alumna Kelly Cole JD’96 joins CTIA as senior vice president of government affairs

07.29.2016 | Raymond Penney

Kelly A. Cole JD’96 was named senior vice president of government affairs for CTIA - The Wireless Association in Washington, D.C.

Professor of Law David Friedman

Law Professor David A. Friedman quoted in articles explaining Oregon v. Oracle's escalating legal cost and tactics

07.28.2016 | Raymond Penney

Willamette Professor of Law David A. Friedman comments on the escalating legal tactics involved in the Oregon v. Oracle case.

PSU and Willamette Law announce new 3+3 program

Freshman to law degree in six years: PSU and Willamette Law announce new 3+3 Program

07.14.2016 | Willamette University College of Law and Portland State University

Willamette University College of Law and Portland State University are launching a new 3+3 Program.

Prodigy Club

The Prodigy Club? College of Law welcomes four of the youngest first-year law students in its history

07.14.2016 | Patrick Riedling

The average age of a law student is 26, but this year we have four entering students under the age of 21.

Stan Anderson JD'69

Willamette Law alumnus Stanton D. Anderson JD’69 joins Blue Ridge Network's team of advisors

07.08.2016 | Raymond Penney

Willamette University College of Law alumnus Stanton D. Anderson JD’69 joined Blue Ridge Network, bringing global & business experience.

Professor Steven Green

Willamette Law Professor Green files amicus brief in SCOTUS case Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia, Inc. v. Pauley

07.07.2016 | Raymond Penney

Willamette Law Professor Steven K. Green filed an amicus brief for Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia, Inc. v. Pauley.

Willamette Law Student Bailey Moody

Two Willamette Law students named Shepherd Scholars, positively impact LGBTQ legal issues

07.06.2016 | Patrick Riedling

Third-year law students Bailey Moody and Jessica Cavallero each received a 2016 Bill and Ann Shepherd Legal Scholarship for $6,500.

Professor Peter Molk

Law Professor Peter Molk discusses LLC owners, default statutory protections on New York Business Divorce podcast

07.05.2016 | Raymond Penney

Willamette University College of Law Assistant Professor Peter Molk was interviewed by Peter Mahler host of the “New York Business Divorce” podcast.

Law Professor Paul Diller comments on SCOTUS corruption ruling in Statesman Journal

06.29.2016 | Raymond Penney

Law Professor Paul Diller was quoted in a Statesman Journal article reporting on a United States Supreme Court ruling Learn more.

William J. Howe III JD‘75

William J. Howe III JD‘75 receives Meyer Elkin Essay Award for article in the Family Court Review

06.24.2016 | Raymond Penney

Willamette University College of Law Alumnus William J. Howe III JD ‘75, received the Meyer Elkin Essay Award.

Professor David Friedman

Law Professor Friedman quoted in Portland Tribune article discussing Oregon’s legal tab

06.23.2016 | Raymond Penney

Commercial law expert and Willamette Associate Professor of Law David Friedman was quoted in a Portland Tribune article.

Associate Professor Jeffrey C. Dobbins

Law Professor Dobbins comments in PBJ article on ACA's 'Risk Corridors' program

06.10.2016 | Raymond Penney

Willamette's Civil Procedure Expert and Law Professor Jeffrey C. Dobbins commented in a PBJ Article regarding a Lawsuit by Health Republic Insurance Co.

Willamette Law Alumnus Donald L. Krahmer

Willamette Law alumnus Donald L. Krahmer receives the 2016 Living and Giving Award

06.09.2016 | Raymond Penney

Willamette University College of Law alumnus Donald L. Krahmer Jr. ‘81, JD/MBA‘87 receive the Living and Giving Award.

Associate Professor David Friedman

Law Professor Friedman discusses how law firm’s reorganization will impact law students

06.08.2016 | Raymond Penney

Willamette Associate Professor of Law David A. Friedman discusses how local law firm's reorganization will impact law students seeking employment.

Professor David Friedman

Law Professor Friedman quoted in PBJ article on Oracle v. Oregon dispute

06.03.2016 | Raymond Penney

Commercial law expert and Willamette Associate Professor of Law David Friedman was quoted in a Portland Business Journal article discussing the ongoing political ramifications of the Oracle v. Oregon legal battle.

Associate Professor Jeffrey C. Dobbins

Law Professor Jeff Dobbins weighs in on Oregon's public records law

05.27.2016 | Patrick Riedling

Willamette's civil procedure expert and law professor commented in Statesman-Journal article that reported on a recent judicial opinion concerning the ongoing dispute between former Oregon first lady Cylvia Hayes and The Oregonian.

Law Professor Paul Diller makes sense of law affecting disputes between a city and its county

05.24.2016 | Patrick Riedling

Diller sheds light on the city of Cascade Locks' legal options to open a water-bottling operation in Hood River County.

Willamette University

Protecting a vulnerable group

05.09.2016 | Mike Russell

Joshua Reams L'16 sheds light on important issues around elder law.

Willamette University Double Alumnus Theodore Sims vested as new Washington County Circuit Court judge

Lorenzo Williams JD'77 receives National Bar Association Award for Civil Rights

05.02.2016 | Patrick Riedling

Law graduate recognized as pioneer who demonstrates concern for human and civil rights has history of significant litigation wins and community involvement


Willamette Law Professor Symeon C. Symeonides releases new book

04.18.2016 | Aarika Guerrero

Oxford University Press published Symeon Symeonides' 26th book Oxford Commentaries on American Law: Choice of Law.

Professor David Friedman

Willamette Law Professor David A. Friedman comments in PBJ article

04.12.2016 | Patrick Riedling

Commercial law expert and Willamette Associate Professor of Law David Friedman was quoted in a Portland Business Journal article discussing Oracle’s latest legal tactic in an ongoing dispute with the state of Oregon

Professor Steven Green

Willamette Law Professor Steven Green quoted in Tennessean

04.11.2016 | Patrick Riedling

Religion and law expert and Willamette Professor of Law Steven Green discusses hurdles to potential lawsuits from a bill to make the Bible the official book of Tennessee

Terry Wright

Theresa Wright JD’81 receives Multnomah Bar Association Pro Bono Award

04.04.2016 | Patrick Riedling

Willamette Law’s director of externships and alumna recognized for dedication and service

Professor Keith Cunningham-Parmeter

Willamette Law Professor Keith Cunningham-Parmeter quoted in Oregonian

04.04.2016 | Patrick Riedling

Read about Willamette University Law Professor Keith Cunningham-Parmeter's insights on TriMet's decision regarding the payment for union orientation.

Hon. Paul De Muniz

Hon. Paul De Muniz JD’75 honored with Literacy Trailblazer Award

03.31.2016 | Patrick Riedling

Former OSC Chief Justice and Willamette Law’s Distinguished Jurist-in-Residence and alumnus has history of giving back to community

Professor David A. Friedman

Willamette Law Professor David Friedman quoted in Portland Tribune

03.29.2016 | Patrick Riedling

Commercial law expert and Willamette Associate Professor of Law David Friedman quoted in Portland Tribune article about Oracle’s failed Cover Oregon website

Swift Current and Sheldon Kennedy at WIllamette

NHL player Sheldon Kennedy brings Swift Current to Willamette, highlights impact of sexual abuse on survivors

03.23.2016 | Patrick Riedling

Willamette University hosts special Q and A with Kennedy after documentary screening

Willamette University Double Alumnus Theodore Sims vested as new Washington County Circuit Court judge

Theodore Sims '77 JD'80 invested as new Washington County Circuit Court judge

03.21.2016 | Patrick Riedling

Investiture Ceremony Honors Willamette University Double Alumnus

Willamette University College of Law National Trial Team

WUCL trial team advances to finals at regional competition

03.16.2016 | Stephanie Palmblad (JD'12) and Patrick Riedling

Judges impressed by advocacy skills of a team of Willamette law students

Sonny Nguyen

From refugee to attorney

03.11.2016 | Mike Russell

Sonny Nguyen LLM’16 hopes to use his knowledge of the law, and incredible personal experiences, to advocate for human rights.

Oregon Supreme Court at Willamette University College of Law

Oregon Supreme Court to hear two cases at Willamette, justices to answer questions after session

03.02.2016 | Patrick Riedling

Willamette hosts Oregon Supreme Court session, justices to answer public's questions after session

Law professor is Willamette's first Fulbright Distinguished Chair


Warren Binford hopes to support the advancement of brain science research focused on child pornography.

Law Student APALSA Event

Law makes history at national events

12.06.2015 | University Communications

Students elected to board seats, have strong showing at NAPABA and NAPALSA conventions.

Paul De Muniz JD'75

De Muniz highlights state judiciary

12.04.2015 | Adam Torgerson

"American Judicial Power" highlights state judiciary's role

Symeon Symeonides

Symeonides earns a Lifetime Achievement Award


The American Society of Comparative Law honored Symeonides for his work.

Erin Milos

Supported for success


Erin Milos, JD/MBA ’17 found the comfort of her small-town roots at Willamette.

"Inventing a Christian America"

What's God got to do with it?

09.23.2015 | Adam Torgerson

Steve Green explores the origin of America's Christian founding narrative.

Nate Aggrey

At home at Willamette Law


Nate Aggrey ’09 JD '16 is ready to apply his knowledge of the law to global issues.

Willamette greets new graduate students

09.07.2015 | Erin Dahl

New students at Willamette University's Atkinson Graduate School of Management and College of Law dive into orientation activities and prepare for the year.

Laura Appleman

Serving the law and the community


Willamette Law Professor Laura Appleman trains students to practice criminal law.

Learning the law in a new light

06.26.2015 | Lori Ferguson

Willamette law school’s Externship Program offers experiential learning opportunities.

Eva Kripalani

The many hats of corporate counsel


Eva M. Kripalani JD ‘86 makes the connection between law and business.

Willamette law school’s trailblazer

06.09.2015 | Cliff Collins

Danny Santos, Willamette Law’s associate dean of student affairs was an Oregon trailblazer long before he was honored as one.

Willamette University launches renewed website this summer


The site is designed for mobile optimization and includes new multimedia tools for storytelling.

Willamette University celebrates Class of 2015 at commencement


Three acclaimed speakers helped celebrate the achievements of WU graduates on May 17.

Willamette’s institutional advertisement lands at PDX


The airport ad is a ‘first’ in a set of collaborative marketing efforts.

Speakers chosen for 2015 commencement ceremonies


Marine ecologist Jane Lubchenco, recipient of the MacArthur "genius" award, will be honored with an honorary doctorate at Willamette University's commencement.

Willamette law continues upward trend in US News rankings


Law school continues its rise in rankings by US News and World Report.

Former Oregon Governor believes the fight for equality must continue


Former Oregon Gov. Barbara Roberts shares her personal story as part of a MLK celebration.

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