Facilities’ new service request system

Contact: Gary C Grimm

Facilities will transition to the new system in time for the new academic year.

Fellow Bearcats,

Facilities will be transitioning to a new service request system in time for the start of the new academic year. This new service request system and our soon to be implemented preventative maintenance module is functionally tied to our recently completed asset planning database. The current service request system was a custom program that can no longer be supported or modified as the original creator is no longer with WU. Because of this lack of support we have decided to move away from it.

The new system will be almost identical and transparent to the user as the current system but will allow Facilities much greater flexibility, support, data gathering and reporting capabilities. We have purposely designed the user interface to require many of the same fields as the current system and even cleaned it up some. Users will still be required to submit a valid GL number, phone number and will be able to include other participants by adding their email addresses. Users will also be able to search their open and completed work requests and of course all updates will be emailed to the requestor/s.

Eventually Facilities employees will able to access the system in real time via personal devices such as their phones, tablets or laptops. The ability to access and reference the system in real time as well as generate, modify and complete service requests should make our efforts more efficient. This will also remove our staff’s dependence on printing out service requests on paper to take with them and make us a more sustainable department.

As we get closer to implementation, Facilities will send out updates and will we update our webpage with any information necessary for a smooth transition.

Gary Grimm

Director of Facilities Management

Willamette University

Marketing and Communications

Waller Hall, Fourth Floor
900 State Street
Salem Oregon 97301 U.S.A.

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