August dining hours

Contact: Lindsey Leisinger

Find out when you can dine at Goudy, Ricks and Kaneko this month.


Below are the hours for dining service in August.


August 3rd to August 11th: closed

August 12th-14th: 8-10a breakfast, 11a-1:30p lunch, closed for dinner

August 15th & 16th: 8-10a breakfast, 11a-1:30p lunch, 5-6:30p dinner

August 17th & 18th: 8-10a breakfast, 11:30a-1:30p lunch, 5-7p dinner

August 19th & 20th: 8-10a breakfast, 11a-1:30p lunch, 5-7p dinner

August 21st: 7-10a breakfast, 11a-1:30p lunch, 5-7pm picnic dinner on brown field

August 22nd: 8-10a breakfast, 11:30a-1:30p picnic lunch on brown field, 4:30-7p dinner

August 23rd: 8-10a breakfast, 11a-1:30p lunch, 5-7p dinner

August 24th: 8-10a breakfast, 11:30a-1:30p lunch, 4:30-7p dinner

August 25th: 8-10a breakfast, 11:30a-1:30p lunch, 5-7:30p dinner

Resume normal hours on Monday August 26th

Monday-Friday: 7a-7:30p*, Saturday-Sunday: 8:30a-7:30p*

*see specific meal times posted on Goudy doors

Ricks Café at the Law School:

Resume normal hours Wednesday August 21st

Monday-Thursday: 7a-3:30p

Friday: 7a-2:30p


Resumes normal hours Monday August 26th

Monday-Friday: 7:30a-1:30p

Thank you!


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