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Stay informed and connected while practicing self-care

COVID-19 Response Team

As we continue to shelter in place, it’s important to stay informed and connected. Knowledge is power and will enable us to make the best possible choices as we navigate this pandemic. At the same time, the news can overwhelm us with anxiety. Self-care is critical for our mental and physical health.

Taking a day off from the news or limiting your consumption to a certain time period each day may be helpful. Connecting with others via video chat apps or phone may bring you some strength. Look for creative ways to use Zoom and other apps to connect with your friends and classmates. Consider organizing virtual events, gatherings, open mics, and more online.

It’s important to create a new daily routine. Eat well. Exercise. Meditate. Journal. Go outside. But always practice social distancing and assume everyone is a potential carrier.

Enjoy the last days of your break. We’ll see you on Zoom soon!

COVID-19 Updates

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