Submit a nomination for the Distinguished Senior Awards

Contact: Emily Morris

Students, staff and faculty, submit nominations for seniors' cocurricular contributions.

The entire WU community is invited to submit nominations for CAS seniors who, through their cocurricular roles and efforts, have provided provided meritorious service to the student body and Willamette University.

Recipients are selected based on their time and effort spent in the name of Willamette University, the diversity of their activities and their impact on other students.

Deadline to submit is March 7, 2021.

Nomination process

  1. List the nominee's cocurricular contributions to Student Affairs and the CAS student body (through nonacademic activities and leadership positions).
  2. List the nominee's additional cocurricular contributions to Willamette University (through nonacademic activities and leadership positions).
  3. Describe how the nominee's actions and work have been exemplary and fit the awards criteria (listed in the nomination form).

The nomination form has five questions, four of which require short answer (one to two paragraphs max) responses.

Recipients will be honored at the Distinguished Senior Awards Ceremony (before Commencement).

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