Wear red for MMIWG2S on May 5

Contact: East Steelman

Tomorrow is Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and Two-Spirits Day. Wear red to show solidarity, spread awareness and call for justice.

Content warning: death, violence, sex-based violence and race-based violence.

Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and Two-Spirits Day (MMIWG2S) is an annual day of remembering and honoring the many Indigenous women, girls, and Two-Spirit individuals who have gone missing or been murdered in North America.

While the trend of targeting Indigenous women, girls and Two-Spirit folks began over 500 years ago, the contemporary aspect of the epidemic — which can be attributed to white supremacy, extractive resource industry activity and targeted enlistment in sex work and trafficking fueled by fetishization — is the focus of the broad MMIWG2S movement, with particular regard to bringing the missing home and supporting their families, building Indigenous community capacity, as well policy drafting and lobbying.

The movement has been supporting tribes while they mourn by assisting them in acting on the issue and the consequences of this epidemic. MMIWG2S is a movement led by Indigenous women and Two-Spirit folks for Indigenous people. MMIWG2S also serves to spread awareness about the epidemic that impacts almost every Native American, Alaska Native, First Nations, Metís and Inuit community in the United States and Canada.

To show your solidarity with and commitment to spreading awareness and bringing justice to impacted families, the Native and Indigenous Student Union (NISU) invited you wear red, the official color of the MMIWG2S movement, on May 5.

Below this text you will find links to one broad resource curated by NISU last semester in addition to several other resources. In addition to wearing red May 5, we encourage you to explore these resources and to share and discuss them with your friends and family.


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