Celebrating Carson awardees

Contact: Jeanne E Clark

Ten students have been selected as Carson Grant winners this year.

The following students drawn from the humanities, sciences and social sciences will be engaging in varied research projects this summer funded by the Carson Grant program.

Cristina Chapa '22

  • Major: Latin American Studies
  • Sponsor:  Vincent Pham
  • “Queering Mariachi: Reinventing New Cultures and Spaces for Marginalized Identities within Traditional Mexican Mariachi Folk Music”

Lily Clancy '22

  • Major: Biochemistry
  • Sponsor:  Melinda Butterworth
  • “Intersectionality and Structural Competence: Revising Medical School Curriculum to Include Upstream Factors of Health”

Rose-Marie Crawford '23

  • Major: Physics and Mathematics
  • Sponsor:  David Craig
  • “Igniting a Passion for Wildlife Conservation:  Writing a Comprehensive Guide to Conservation in South Africa”

Jack Garver '23

  • Major:  Physics and Mathematics
  • Sponsor:  Richard Watkins
  • “Large Scale Bulk Flow Analysis via a Markov Chain Monte Carlo Method” 

Camille Gibney '22

  • Major:  Environmental Science and German
  • Sponsor:  Melinda Butterworth
  • “The Mental Health Impacts of Friendships and the Politicization of the COVID-19 Pandemic on College Students”

Thomas Gray '22

  • Major:  History and Symbol Criticism
  • Sponsor:  Jeanne Clark
  • “The Spotlight: A Rhetorical Analysis of Populism in the Far Right”

Kela Iwata '22

  • Major: Psychology
  • Sponsor:  Meredyth Goldberg Edelson
  • “Hula: A Traditional Hawaiian Practice Used as a Barrier for Mental Health Deterioration” 

Emilia Kaldis '23

  • Major:  Civic Communication and Mass Media
  • Sponsor:  Maegan Parker Brooks
  • “Exploring Activist Rhetoric in the Southern Oregon Climate Action Now Organization”

Yewon Na '22

  • Major:  Environmental Science and Public Health
  • Sponsor:  Melinda Butterworth
  • “COVID-19 and Food Insecurity:  Community Efforts to Mitigate the Impacts of COVID-19 and Food Insecurity across Marion County”

Aliya Schwartz '23

  • Major: Anthropology and Sociology
  • Sponsor: Rebecca Dobkins
  • “Constructing the Wilderness in Oregon”
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