What is Today@Willamette?

Contact: Jen Johnson

Welcome, PNCA community and incoming WU students! Today@Willamette is your daily one-stop shop for campus news, announcements and event information.

If you're new to the Willamette community, you might be wondering why you're getting this morning email. 

Today@Willamette (Today) is a great way to keep up on the latest happenings across the university. We're on a weekly summer schedule now and will transition back to daily editions on or before Aug. 23.

Please use Today to share your campus news and event information.

Announcement submissions

  • Students, faculty and staff members of all four colleges are invited to submit announcements.
  • Your submitted announcements include good news, accomplishments, publications, honors, employee transitions, save-the-date notices for events, and updates from campus leaders, departments, offices and student orgs.
  • For personal announcements, such as roommate searches, items for sale, networking with alumni about jobs, etc., use Willamette Switchboard.
    • Moderated by the Alumni Office, this Craigslist-like forum allows students, employees, parents, alumni and friends of the university to “ask for what you need” and “offer what you have.”

Event submissions

  • All events submitted to Willamette's online calendar are reviewed for approval, then featured in Today's "Things to do" section.
  • PNCA community members: For your events, please continue to use the PNCA events calendar, which will be incorporated into Today very soon.
  • During the school year, the "Things to do" section will feature the next 48 hours of events on the calendar.
  • To promote your event earlier than the day before in Today@Willamette:
    • Submit your event to the WU or PNCA calendar.
    • Once you receive your approval email and have a calendar URL for your event listing, submit a save-the-date announcement to Today. Be sure to select the category field "Save The Date."

For both events and announcements, please double-check names, dates and times.

Our goal is to make Today a one-stop shop to easily find and share information about happenings on all of our campuses.

We hope to reduce the amount of email you receive by channeling information into Today, but we can’t do it without your submissions.

Please make a habit of scanning through Today for pertinent announcements and information.

Thank you!

More information

Who receives Today@Willamette?

Today automatically goes to every @willamette.edu email address. Parents and supporters of our community who don't have Willamette email addresses can read the most recent edition at willamette.edu/go/today.

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